Discretion was my guiding operational function. Slowly, I turned to see whose voice had captured my attention. Once that face was etched in my mind, I took every opportunity to join in the group discussion, and of course turn my attention towards Yvonne.

Now, my whole Christmas break was up for an audible. No matter what I tried, it seemed to work. Casual walks. friendly talks, invitations, and everything serendipitous fit together.

We went out, exchanged vital contact information, and mutually sensed something happening. My plane ride back to Texas gave me plenty of time to plot out possibilities. Long distance phone calls, writing letters, sending gifts, and praying for a special lady took over my life. I was so pleased to experience that wonderful journey.

All other interests just faded away. God showed me my target and it was time to hunt. Everything concentrated on getting to know this one life. I was smitten.