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Yvonne and I would like to thank everyone for outpouring of prayers, words of cheer and generous gifts. I wish that I could write to each of you but unfortunately ALS has taken away my ability to type or text. Slowly ALS is taking away my ability to talk so with no communication abilities left, I wait for an available amanuensis or a scribe. Today, my daughter, Kristin, has taken over on my behalf.

First, to all of my family, thanks for all the great times of food, laughs and and great adventures. All of you have been part of making up my life.

To all my friends who have been sprinkled through the years of my life, I thank God for each of you. Thank you for the way you grew my life and for bringing blessings and lessons that made my life become what God intended it to be. It seems like every time God needed me to learn something, find good cheer, or clear discernment, He brought one or more of you along just at the right time.

To my esteemed colleagues, thanks for graciously giving me the benefit of your expertise and superior fellowship. It has been an honor to learn from what you have passed on to me in conversation, debate and published words. I look forward to many more times of learning at the feet of our Savior throughout eternity.

To all of my amazing students, it has been a real treat to be your teacher. May your collective lives of service be a great joy to the Lord. It has been an amazing journey to go from being sharers of information to see God transform us into friends and co-laborers in the Lord’s work.

I don’t know how often I will be able to return to write but I will as long as God gives opportunity and strength. For now, you can continue to write to me through my blog. In the meantime, remember that very special word during every part of your life, “Joy!”