IMG_3275.jpgI am in love with life and want each day to count for eternity. My life is blessed with a wonderful wife, six amazing children and very special friends that I love with all of my heart.

Before you blink at the six kids, all three of our children are married. We love our in-law children so much that we count them as our own, hence the number six. We have a ball every time we get together.

Don’t blink about my inclusion of friends either.  Besides family, friends are an amazing gift from God.  When we can be real with them and still have them love us anyway, what could be more fantastic?  I treasure those very special lives that love me and let me love them.  It is a blessing to know that friendships touch my heart and ignite a special fire that convinces me that God, Jesus and heaven are real.

IMG_4103.jpegFriends are one of life’s greatest blessings from the Lord.  The internet makes this treasure even more amazing.  Since connecting with the world through cyberspace, I have not only been able to reconnect with old friends, strengthen bonds with longtime friends but also discover new friends over the world wide web.  My life is much richer because of the ever-expanding world of friendships.  I thank God for every one of them.

I suppose that I am a thinker. My days start early and run relatively late. Rarely is there a moment that passes where I am not noodling over something or someone.

The outdoors is a great love. My interests are bicycling, fishing, swimming,  hiking, hunting, and motorcycling. Everything revolves around the greatest love of my life, Jesus Christ.motorcycle-to-banff-2008-177

I am privileged to have a calling in ministry where I teach God’s Word to anyone and everyone that will lend me their ear.  In various venues and occasions of all kinds I love meeting the family of God and enjoying their fellowship.  Honoring His name both in great times and bad is the only way to live!

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Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  This blog has only one purpose.  I would like to know that you stopped in for a few moments and found encouragement to continue on your spiritual pilgrimage.  Tell others who might need a little boost in life to stop by too.  There’s always room for all and the water is cool and refreshing.  There’s no place on earth I’d rather be than spending a few moments with you and pressing in a little courage into your heart.

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Eager for HIS Return!
Bruce W. (Dubya) Fong