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How busy has my schedule become?  For the first time in ages I missed a self-imposed deadline on my blog page.  It felt very weird.

For years I have been keeping up a rigorous schedule of writing.  It has been fun.  No, that is too general.  It has been absolutely exhilarating!
The satisfaction of putting life into words has been off the charts for me.  It has given me a new appreciation for the life that I am graced to live.  Each day is an adventure, an opportunity, an expectation and a feverish delight to have experienced.
I was born an optimist.  Joy is a common goal with each new day.  Overcoming and making a difference are daily ingredients to invest in the mix of a great job, a loving family and loyal friends.
There is always plenty of material to guide my daily blog.  Often it is a matter of what to choose more than searching for an inspiration.  Over the years the blogging world has given me the avenue to express my creative musings for any who are interested in reading them.
By the way, thank you, readers.  You have honored me with your time.  If a word here or there has given you a reprieve with any life challenges, painful trials or regrettable nasty people then, I am very pleased.
For some reason my life has hit a confluence of obligations and activity that has surpassed any such moment in the last 7 years since starting to write these missives.  I missed yesterday’s blog!  I felt it.  It nearly stressed me to consider that I would miss my deadline.
Sad is not a sufficient term to describe how I felt.  Nevertheless, I was doing my business with care.  Time just did not allow creative time on the keyboard.
There will be more days like this one.  My calendar is packed during certain intersections of appointments and obligations.  Instead of worrying, I just look that much more forward to joining my world of blogging that much more the next time that I can use the keyboard to turn my thoughts into digitized word on a screen.  Thanks for joining me on this pilgrimage through life.

Writing this blog has been a fun personal discipline.  I am grateful that my son suggested it to me.  He and his wife got me started and it has been a great ride.

When he first suggested the idea, I didn’t even know what a blog was.  Naturally, I asked him what he was talking about, wondering if he was pulling my leg.  He sent me to the world-wide web for some familiarity training.

I had entered into an amazing world of words, ideas, opinions, imagination, creativity and fun.  Several blogs captured my attention.  Of course I avoided certain subjects.

Slowly an idea began to take shape in my mind.  The more that I read, the more that I visualized a purpose for a blog that I would write.  With the end in mind, I looked for a means to reach that objective.

My initial efforts at writing were stiff, rigid and hesitant.  I can see those features when I reread my earliest writings.  Slowly, writing became less of my concern and a free-flowing expression of thought began to develop.

Over time I learned and learned and learned.  I paid more attention to the writing of others.  My purpose shaped my writing.

Now, after years of this personal discipline I am amazed.  WordPress noted that on December 1, 2011 this blog reached a historic level.  Overall, this site had received 500,000 hits. 

It is monumental for me.  This is a hobby, a pastime, a personal discipline.  You have blessed me by stopping in for a visit. 

All of us are on a journey.  My interest is in your spiritual pilgrimage.  So many of us travel that road alone. 

While faith is definitely personal, seeking advice of others, counsel from the experienced or encouragement from kind hearts makes good sense.  That is what my goal is with this simple presentation.  Like a cup of cool water and a respite on the journey, I desire to cheer on the spirit, encourage the progress and pass on the wisdom others have given to me.

Thanks for joining me on so many of our forays through life.  Some of you are frequent visitors.  Some have a regular alert for all of my new postings.

Whatever or whenever you can stop by I want you to know that I appreciate you.  It has often surprised me that I cannot NOT write.  May we all see His grace and mercy on our journey with Jesus as our LORD.

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Four years ago my son Justin made a suggestion, “Dad, I think you ought start a blog.”  “Really,” I replied, “What’s a blog?”

Why was my son looking at my like I was some sort of alien from another planet?  He tried to explain what this means of communication was all about.  I remember him being quite patient and careful as he chose simple monosyllabic terms for my benefit. 

I still had no clue what he was talking about.  So, he directed me to several sites on the World Wide Web (I knew what that was!) where I could do some reading and see what was going on in the real world of cyberspace.  Blog is a term that was derived from web log, hence “blog”.

It wasn’t long before I was intrigued.  Some of the posts of writers captured my attention.  They made me ponder current events, spiritual ideas, consider tactics in reasoning and deep thoughts. 

At the same time I observed human anger, sarcasm and a baseness among humans.  There is a potential that every person has.  We can too easily assume that our opinion is always right because “I can’t be as wrong as you.”

I set about making an objective.  The goal of my blog is to encourage others on their journey through life.  Like discovering a wayside place for a refreshing beverage, a comfortable place to rest or pleasant conversation with a new friend, that’s what my blog is.

Our conversations are not about controversial arguments, opinions of extreme prejudice and certainly not about criticism of others.  Rather, these moments are all about encouragement, cheer, depth of thought, with the objective to bring refreshment to continue the journey.  Hope is at the heart of stopping here for a visit.

If we laugh, great.  If we find relife, fabulous.  Most of all if we find consideration of what Jesus Christ means to us on our journey, then outstanding!

Life is both marvelous and mysterious.  It is marvelous as we enjoy family, friends and great adventure.  Yet, it is also mysterious, because life is temporary. 

There is an eternity, however.  Heaven and the alternative are real.  Getting there on our temporary journey in life is worth our consideration.

If we live our lives without consideration of the end in mind we may very well have wasted or life.  Investing in eternity now is wise.  Enjoy your journey and thanks for stopping by for a visit.

The number 1,000 is formidable.  It is a lot of whatever it has recorded.  When each widget is an effort to produce, 1,000 widgets is a large number.

We can’t eat 1,000 of anything at a single meal.  We might be able to down 1,000 sesame seeds if they are disguised in soup, bread or fruit.  But, who would want to do that?

Most of us couldn’t drive 1,000 miles in a day.  Some do it on a motorcycle and get and “iron butt” award.  But, that only happens among very few riders.

The number 1,000 is special.  This blog marks that special achievement.  Today this my 1,000th posting of my blog.

In 2007 my son suggested me to start writing a blog.  My first reaction is one that I distinctly remember.  I asked him, “What’s a blog?”

Carefully my high-tech son explained the essence of blogs and blogging. When he was done, I still hadn’t had a clue as to what he was asking me to do.  I did understand the word “write” however.

That translated itself into “work”.  But, work didn’t bother me as much as “Who would want to read what I wrote?”  But the idea percolated, simmered, fermented and took root.

On the world-wide web I began to read what others were writing.  I searched the blogging world and got a feel for what was going on through the mighty combination of words.  People were interacting, conversing, emoting and declaring.  I could do this!

My son introduced me to WordPress.  He and my daughter-in-law helped me pick a wallpaper design for my blog.  Then my son gave me some guidelines that help blogs become the preferred reading by people on-line.

Then, I started writing.  I was both ambitious and a complete novice.  But, my purpose was clear and I stuck to that purpose.

My target audience was defined as well.  They are always in my mind when I write.  Ideas flowed.

Faithfully, I stuck to my regimen and after years of writing this is now blog number 1,000.  That’s a lot of writing.  For you who have faithfully followed this expression of hope and encouragement, you have done a lot of reading. 

I thank all of you for stopping by for a cup of cool water while you are on your journey called Life.  Our visits have meant a lot to me.  Your comments have been a boon to my spirit.  Please keep on reading and I will keep on writing.  I appreciate you!

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