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Bold and brash questions do not demonstrate the authority of the questioner. In fact their error and disrespect are telltale signs of personal prejudice. Legalistic Jews who have already prejudiced their opinion by rejecting Jesus feign inquiry by asking Jesus if they were correct in saying that he was a Samaritan and demon-possessed. With just a smidgeon of discernment they were in fact claiming that Jesus’ pedigree was dubious and that spiritually he was not righteous but in fact demonic. What horrid people they were. But, Jesus did not cower. Instead, he denied demonic association. He reiterated that God was his Father and they dishonored him as God’s Son.

Out of his humility Jesus turns all attention to the Father. In keeping with the message from the Father, Jesus accentuates the guarantee of eternal life if anyone would come to him in faith. This offer is magnificently generous and wonderfully genuine. Believe. Jn8