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Being a witness is not a self-chosen role. Events happen and if we are there to witness them we become a vital component to establish the historicity of an occasion. What occurs as a result of controversy or a courtroom scene is the intimidation of witnesses depending on who is implicated through validating what happened.

The blind man has no doubt that he was once without sight. There is no mistaking that part of his life. Now, the enemies of Jesus are pressing him with obvious ill-intent. You can sense his discomfort under interrogation.

His parents feel the pressure even more. It almost becomes comical listening in on the dialogue. The enemies are trying to find fault when there is nothing but commendation to be had. Their effort to discredit Jesus ends up honoring our Savior further with the acknowledgement of a wonderful miracle assigned to him. Just, “Wow!” Jn9


Yes, I achieved the coveted on-screen remarkable words of affirmation! After several days of purposeful diligent work, I emptied my email box! No, I didn’t just dump emails in groups. Yes, I did address each item responsibly. Frankly, I was hungry to complete this task and breath a deep sigh of relief.

I sat back and stared at this screen. Slowly a smile crept across my face. Then, I shut down my computer and took a victory lap around our campus. It was so freeing!

Someone asked me why I looked so joyful. I announced my achievement! That funny guy went back to his office and sent me a congratulatory email! Ha! All in good fun!

Dr. Mark Bailey serves his last day as President of Dallas Theological Seminary today, June 30, 2020. He has served 19 years as president of one of the finest theological seminaries in the world. The accomplishments of his administration are impressive. Enrollment has soared to their highest levels in the seminary’s nearly 100 years of existence. Faculty acquisitions have been brilliant. Staff positions have overflowed with talent. Advancement totals have been nearly miraculous. Morale has been at peak levels. Board appointments have been outstanding. Graduate achievements have been blessed by God all over the world. The sun never sets on DTS grads being a blessing in the name of Jesus all around the globe.

Thank you Dr. Bailey for your selfless, tireless, and faithful service. You have served your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ well. We can all hear the echoing commendation resounding from the heavens, “Well done!”

By the way, on a personal note, thanks, Dr. Bailey, for recruiting me to serve on the DTS Leadership Team. It is an honor to pour my life into this ministry. This is the best appointment that has ever been given to me. I love my job! Joy!