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Jesus is the watershed focus of faith. There is no debate on other options. He simply presents the authority given to him by the father and invites all people to believe in him. There are no extras that we need to do, no “do-overs”, nor penance to ingratiate ourselves to God. The promise via this simple portal is eternal life. Jesus stakes his name on this promise. Trust him. You will be glad that you did. Jn5

IMG_0812The following is a recording of Prayertime which was broadcast on KHCB FM105.7FM. I hope that these words will be an encouragement to you.

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It is possible to do good, as Jesus did, but receive persecution. The actions of the Savior helped others, nevertheless, he was aggressively opposed. What Jesus did were deeds that no one else was doing, yet, he was demonized for them. There is something telling when a group of people call something good, bad.

The Jews understood the theology Jesus taught them. Their problem was not understanding correct theology; it was accepting it and embracing it with belief. With an aversion to accurate theology, they sunk into the sphere of hatred and conspiracy to commit murder.

Jesus was acting above the law of the Sabbath. He was also claiming to be equal with God. Jesus was clear. He and the Father were completely consistent with each other. Obvious? Believe as He desires or reject as religious legalists did. I know what I have already done. Will you join me?


It is reasonable to follow directions from a miraculous benefactor. The lame man did what his healer directed him to do. That is why he picked up his bed and walked. Before he was not able. Now, the Savior had made him able. He wasn’t being belligerent or lawless.

The legalistic are consistently looking for someone to blame. Once they have discovered a infraction, they quickly look for people to accuse. Driven by a spirit of self-righteousness, they become obsessed with a hunger to inflict judgment on someone else. Do not shift blame. Got it? Jn5

The lame man is not coddled. There is no gentle treatment. He is ordered to DO something immediately that he was not able to do for 38 years: “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.”
This man experienced instantaneous healing. No recovery time or therapy or delayed doing was a part of this story.

Immediate obedience was displayed by the healed man. He did what he was told. At once he picked up his mat and began to walk. There was no slowness, no groaning, nor hesitation. But, there was a hiccup. It was the Sabbath.

Legalistic Jews pointed out that no one was supposed to work on the Sabbath. Picking up his mat and walking with it was considered work. These critics were quick to judge rather being quick to rejoice with another. Ready to “do” whatever God wants you to do? Jn5

Few things sadden the human heart more than seeing a great number of disabled people desperately looking for healing. A great crowd of people who were blind, paralyzed, and unable to walk gathered near the pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem. Jesus had compassion for one particular man who had been in that crowd for 38 years hoping for a miracle.

Jesus could have healed the masses but his point was to focus on this one man. He had lost all hope. Disappointment left him discouraged and full of doubt. Oddly, Jesus asked the man if his desire was to get well from his malady.

He never answered Jesus’ question. Instead, he bemoaned that he had no chance to compete against anyone else who could move into the stirred waters before him. Now, he was ready for a personalized miracle just for him. Are you still hoping? Is your life ready to show off the amazing power of God? Ready? Jn5

IMG_4800The following is a recording of Prayertime which was broadcast on KHCB FM105.7FM. I hope that these words will be an encouragement to you.

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We share the elation together. There is a dribble of distraction this year. Maybe it’s politically driven. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. However, for me personally, history will be a part of my life until I am home with Jesus forever.

Until that day in eternity, I fondly remember leading our High School marching band on to the gridiron. We rehearsed and disciplined, we felt the cadence of our drum line. Each member of our band was in lockstep and moved as one.

Once I saw the mark on the field, I sounded my whistle and the entire band stopped and the drum line played their call to attention. The announcer invited the audience to stand. With the wave of my baton I started our National Anthem and people saluted, covered their hearts, and sang the words that have stirred our nation to express our gratitude.

It will happen again this year. The expression will be different. But, it will be the same. Many gave their lives for my freedom. I will remember them and be grateful those who died so that I could live in the liberty that they protected. Happy Birthday, America! God bless us all. God bless the USA.

Whether honoring an appointment with a dignitary like Nicodemus or engaging a spontaneous practical moment with the Samaritan woman, Jesus was tender, loving, and truthful. He ministered to people in high positions and low. Whether it was with men or women, Jesus revealed truth that would change lives for eternity.

No matter what your situation is or how complicated your circumstances, Jesus can bring you peace and hope through his love. Do you know him? You are welcome to come to him. He has come into your life and resolved your most difficult life challenges. He loves you and wants you to become a member of his family. Accept his invitation. Choose faith. Jn4