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10659299_1484825341773231_7789587565489362610_nFaith Bible Church has called its next pastor.  He will be able to begin shepherding this wonderful group of believers in a couple of months.  In the mean time someone needs to help the church family prepare to welcome and follow their new shepherd.  That is the role of an interim pastor has been given to me.

This congregation in Spring,Texas has called me to be their Interim Pastor.  I relish the privilege and look forward to being their temporary pastor.  My job is to preach the Word, love the people and prepare them to cheer on their new pastor.  He will bolster God’s vision for the church..

Preaching is key.  I will open up the Bible each Sunday and consistently give these Christians a straight message from God’s Word.  Practical application consistent with His message will be the steady diet that all of us at FBC will feast on each Lord’s Day.

The church family gave their new pastor a 100% affirmation during the call.  That is such a thrill for the new pastor as he changes his job to take on the role of shepherding this special group of people.  A great celebration is on the horizon.

In the mean time I take over the helm for the interim time.  My job will be to prepare the people to be shepherded again.  Leadership, vision, encouragement and a clear clarion call will be a part of my responsibility.

Pastors love to love their people.  They want to nourish their people with excellent teaching from the Word of God.  Each Sunday the people want to look forward to coming and hearing a challenge from the Scripture and practical ways to navigate life through the trials and tribulations of a daily routine.

I will get them used to this kind of oversight in the next couple of months.  From the Word I will remind them of how a pastor’s heart soars when the people receive the Word with enthusiasm.  They will impact the joy of the pastor and his family far more than they have ever suspected.

When they smile and take notes, the pastor is encouraged in his preaching.  As people in the congregation grow spiritually, their pastor will be motivated to serve with joy and enthusiasm.  When the people bring guests, their pastor will marvel at God’s favor on the congregation.  Is this the picture that you had of an Interim Pastor?

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