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Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

My bride’s cellphone rang.  I heard its distinctive sound from my second floor office.  When she answered she was animated, excited and filled our home with laughter.

Those sounds brought a smile to my face.  Inside I felt the balloon of joy filling up.  Before I was invited, I shut down my computer, moved my work into a manageable pile and stood up to close my office light.

After two steps toward the stairs I heard the invitation.  My bride’s familiar voice of 38 years of marriage beckoned me to come.  Without her detailed explanation I suspected with anticipation that we had received an unexpected call from the grandchildren.

“Coming!” I replied right away and energized my steps.  It is beyond fun to approach the head of the stairs looking forward to interrupting my writing and research.  Someone special was on the phone and I wanted to be a part of that conversation.

Bounding down the stairs was not really an option.  Young people can do that.  I remember when I did but that is no longer a smart choice.

My bride and I snuggled together in front of her cellphone camera.  Our 2-year-old grandson’s animated face and enthusiastic voice was luring us in.  At our daughter’s prompting and his own energetic excitement he announced, “Happy Grandparent’s Day!”

I melted.  My heart nearly burst.  A grin took over my face.

We chatted with this little guy for long moments.  He showed us his new dump truck.  Never leaving his left hand was on of his favorite toy cars.

Then, our three-month old granddaughter was placed in the camera lens.  She was sitting propped up by her infant chair.  Snuggled in, she seemed content.

Then, my bride began talking with her.  She talked back!  No intelligible words could be understood.  But, the garbling, cooing and grunting made the appearance of a conversation with her and her grandmother.  It was so special!

This episode was our first Grandparent’s Day moment.  First’s are amazing memories.  FaceTime made it possible.  The internet is a massive blessing to families separated by so many miles.

No, I can’t bound down the stairs, no can I always figure out technology but I can surely enjoy this incomparable season of life. Being a grandparent is a joy unending.  I have gladly traded some advantages of youth for this finest of human connections.

photo credit: KJB photography