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Passion can pummel our words with regret. Discernment is a discipline that will guard our words from over-promising what no one can really deliver. Promises made but eventually broken leaves scars.

Life teaches us to measure our words well. Integrity is built over time with a consistency of promises kept. People have put their hope in our assurances. Lives look to our example to bolster their confidence in careers, decisions, and motivation.

Peter is probably known as much for his jaded performance in speaking too quickly. His discernment skills were clearly lacking in some of his most well-known bold assertions. Jesus gently but firmly rebuked him more than once for his brash promises.

Jesus predicted Peter’s denials of the Savior right after he declares that he will lay his life down. Prophecy of Peter’s denials should give all of us pause. Speak what we have carefully concluded in our hearts of conviction. Whoa! Jn13