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Can you believe how many words have been written and spoken about this day? Partisans have voiced their best efforts to persuade others, sway opinions, sound convincing, distract, highlight, and harangue fellow Americans. Most of us are tired of it all. We can’t wait until it’s over.

What is surprising to the uninitiated is how pundits take advantage of voter fatigue. There is a concerted effort to advance our weariness into apathy, maybe even to dissuade us from voting at all. Such a dastardly realization!

Of course there are the overly cerebral. You can recognize this group of overly intellectual types who try and convince us to be less emotional and more objective. There is a common theme to be good listeners and be fair with those from the other side. It’s a little late for that approach.

This year’s election on a national level is very clear. Policies are distinct. Now, what matches our personal values? Set aside the ad hominem. It’s too late for an emotional shift. Vote what matches your convictions. After all it is rarely about how much you know. Rather, it is far more about what you believe.

Go vote.


IMG_0836We all share a common experience during election season. How many political groups have my phone number? A number of those irritating calls have those toll-free numbers. The area code gives them away.

Sure, we were taught by our moms to be polite at all times. Politeness and manners wear thin after the rat-ta-tat force of words that stream from the mouth of a volunteer don’t give us room to breathe let alone give a thoughtful response.

Within seconds they have dumped a well-design load of words into our ears. It was just a prelude for them to ask for a financial donation. Yes, they specify an amount. Any hesitation on our part is met with a lesser amount. Of course the desperate need for our hard-earned dollars is vital to the cause.

This midterm election surprised me. The “other” party called and asked me for a donation. They were polite but just as forceful. I was also polite in my refusal and I asked them to remove my name and number from their list.

I did try to lay my telephone receiver down on my desk while I carried on with my work. Their constant barrage of words and salesmanship went on for several minutes before I heard them ask, “Are you there? Hello! Hello!” They hung up. I felt a little guilty.

Enough is enough. No more annoyance. No more guilt.

I went out with my bride as soon as our schedule allowed and we voted EARLY. It was amazing. After that the relentless political ads were no longer troubling. Further, the phone calls started to fall away.

Never doubt my resolve. I love my country and put up with the political wrangling. Yes, I even donated to the candidate of my choosing. But, voting, that is a privilege of great price. Those who fought and died so that I could have my voice heard, I am forever grateful. If we could only put a lid on the political ads, calls and bickering.

photo by bruce w. fong photography