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IMG_0956Our errand day had us making at least a half of a dozen stops.  I was getting worn out but chores need to get done.  Making the best of a situation is all about being observant and creative in the fulfillment of the necessities of life.

Have you ever been expectant when you strolled into a store but were totally shocked out of your confident disposition?  I surely was.  It is October, Halloween is not even here yet but the store what welcomed us into their showroom was already stocked to the gills with Christmas decorations.

Similar to the pattern of grief, the initial shock was replaced by denial.  “No, no, no, it’s too early for Christmas.  We need to give the Harvest season and Thanksgiving their place in the calendar and in our family celebrations.  Why rush a good thing.

Then, there was a shift.  Anger did not emerge.  Instead, delight began to seep into my mind.  A quick glance around the store and there was plenty of space given to the Harvest season and Thanksgiving.  They had the rest of the year covered.

Now, I lingered longer in the Christmas section.  I was getting into the mood to anticipate this most special time of the year.

My fingers traced the shapes of the musical instruments.  Colorful cartoon characters dangled on strings ready to be hung on trees.  Miniature reminders of the real Christmas story abounded on this wall of decorations.

With a smile I took a moment to hum a favorite Christmas carol.  No, it is not too early to look forward to Christmas. It is never too early to anticipate this time for family, food, fun and fellowship around what the birth of Jesus brings to all of us.

No, I didn’t buy anything for Christmas.  Not yet, any way.  There is plenty of time to do that.  For now, I left the Christmas aisles and chased down all that we needed for our errands for this Harvest Season.

Looking forward to celebrating His birthday, though.  When you love someone you look forward to their special day and the joy that comes with it.  It’s not Christmas yet.  Nor is it the season yet.  But, it is coming and I know that I will be thrilled when it comes!

photo credit: brucefong photography