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In my years of enjoying the movies, horror flicks never appealed to me. I’ll even admit to looking away when horror trailers are a prelude to the movie that I pay hard earned money to view. Certainly, I am not going to pay money to voluntarily be scared.

Today is the day after a hard-fought election. The vitriol has been unparalleled in modern history. Certainly, in my long life on earth I have never personally lived through such a contrast of political views.

Spin is the norm. Now, spin is difficult to distinguish from out-right lies. When lies are repeated often and loudly, it is very annoying.

Logic is lost to bias as well. I have read too many arguments that attempt to explain positions, identify groups, dissect biases, and categorize truth. Will our strong preferences erupt into angry violence? I hope not.

My words will not do much to sway opinion, wills, or preferences. But, that is not my objective either. I have a single mandate from the one that I follow. In obedience to that highest calling, I have a singular message of love. Ah!