The disciples who had an eyewitness personal experiential relationship with Jesus didn’t even recognize who he was during a storm on Galilee. Fearful of a massive storm, failing in the area of their own earthly expertise, they thought he was a ghost. A paranormal conclusion by men of faith? His spoken word calmed them and they received him into their boat. Instantly, they arrived at their destination safe and sound. Wild! Jn6

Humans can react poorly when they receive help. Some wanted to forcefully make Jesus do what would secure their grocery bills forever. Others wanted a new government with Jesus as their head but according to their standards. Jesus knew why he had come and how it was to transpire. He would not deviate from the will of the Father. Wow! Jn6

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Just at the moment when people were desperately in need, no human solutions were possible, a small presence of faith made itself known, suddenly Jesus took over and performed a miracle. Feeding the five thousand included Jesus praying a prayer of thanksgiving, orderly arrangement of the crowd, systematic distribution of the food, total satiation of the hunger, collection of the leftovers to avoid waste, and the accounting of the people’s reaction to the divine intervention. Amazing! Jn6

Surrounded by impossible circumstances, God gives us a chance to express faith even its smallest form. With thousands of hungry people Andrew was the one who saw a possibility with the young boy’s lunch of five loaves and two fish. Before even Andrew’s own doubt took over a glimpse of hope, Jesus multiplied the fish to satisfy everyone’s hunger. Faith + God = miracles. Jn6

Personal opinions lose all of their value if they are not consistent with the word of Christ. No matter how strongly we have convinced ourselves that our conclusions are valid, we can still be wrong. The legalistic Jews who opposed Jesus were convinced among themselves that their hatred of Jesus was a righteous conviction. Wrong. Jn5

If we clearly find great satisfaction from the affirmation of people but overlook any efforts to seek the pleasure of God; then, we are not pleasing to God but only temporarily in the popular opinion of humans. Social media gives false measures of the veracity of our opinion. Human “likes” doesn’t hold a candle to the eternal values revealed in the Scriptures. Pause before hitting the “enter” button so quickly. Consider the truth of the Scripture. How does our opinion stack up? Jn5

Legalism is an attitude of hatred toward another based on fabricated rules interpreted through a lens of extreme prejudice. Religious Jews hated Jesus and his popularity and the loss of influence they had over people shifting their loyalties to Jesus. They would “spin” the intent of Jesus and condemn it to be blasphemous. If they could sway popular opinion to align with their hatred, then they could justify his death. Awful? Despicable? Horrific? Most definitely. Jn5


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There has been a lot of controversy over mail-in ballots: potential fraud, abuse by some, and much-to-do-about-something. The flamboyant arguments rage. In the mean time, my bride and I donned our masks, drove to our voting precinct station and voted in person. The volunteers had everything sorted out and they had implemented every safety precaution. Everyone who showed up respected the social distancing guidelines and wore masks. We drove out of the parking lot almost without ever pausing except while we were in the voting booth. It was fast, efficient, safe, and patriotic. Several volunteers thanked us profusely for coming. It must be that Southern hospitality that is replete throughout Texas.