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Paul humbly admits that according to the world’s standards he does not measure up to their “wisdom” or “persuasion”.  His self-effacing disposition is not to be confused with a message that is less than excellent.

Rather, the wisdom in his message is not missing, rather, it is from a different source.  Those who are spiritually mature understand it.  If the measure of wisdom is of this world, then there is no understanding. 

Even when those who are considered bright by the world’s standards are pushed forward, they have no capacity to perceive spiritual truth.  Their personal end by eternal standards is a dead-end.  Paul’s wisdom is from God, full of truth and mystery as well.

Great confidence can be placed in what God’s plan includes.  His strategy in our lives was laid out before time.  That certainty brings great comfort and breeds a depth of trust for all who follow Him.

Proof of the foolishness that is replete in the world’s best is embedded in history.  These who thought highly of themselves are guilty of the heinous crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  Blindness cannot be more clearly demonstrated than that wicked deed.

All who follow Christ experience unimaginable adversity in life.  During the pain of the trials purpose and reasons are elusive.  However, when life has been lived, God ALWAYS has amazing reasons for His designs.  It is always good if we love him.

There is no medical report, no website flashing banner or text message that assures us.  Rather, God puts in our lives a faithful witness.  His Holy Spirit testifies, comforts and affirms God’s grace in our lives, even the intricate picture of life’s purposes. 

Just as we all live with own spirit that knows the intricacies of our deep passions and dreams, so the Holy Spirit knows the plans of the Father for us.  There is no spirit of the world available for us.  But, God gives us His Spirit to be His witness in us every day of our lives.

What is spiritual is of great value than what is temporal. Without His Spirit a person does not have the capacity to understand spiritual truth.  Like a language that is gibberish they reject truth and hold on to the temporary things.  That is all they have.

Having Christ is the difference.  His mind gives us the means to complete understanding of the things of God.  That is the wisdom of the ages.

1 corinthians 2.6-16

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