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IMG_4020My visit to this remarkable place was not brand new.  I had been here once in the past.  A year ago during the opening month, I was here with the pressing crowds.

This time the visit was much more enjoyable.  The lines had shrunk to our scheduled window printed on our tickets.  We wanted to catch a look at the additional wing of the George Bush Presidential Library.

On our first visit the crowds had packed the museum.  We skipped the Oval Office wing due to the very long lines.  This time we got to the museum close to the opening hour.

We skipped the opening sequence of pictures and videos.  43 traces his entry into the White House.  He shares the events that shaped his Presidency.

The next stop was the initial years leading the nation.  Laura’s focus on literacy and George’s past with baseball was fun.  We lingered here again as we did during our first trip.

IMG_4021When we rounded the corner determined to visit what we missed a year ago, our swift walk slowed to an eventual halt.  In the center of the display were some of the twisted I-beams retrieved from the rubble of the Twin Towers destroyed during the 9-11 attack on our country.  Pictures, videos and audio presentations swirled the deep feelings from that horrible day.

The words of President George Bush defined so much of his leadership and one our nation’s rare moments of unity.  Together we drew together as a nation.  Politics were quieted.

Yes, the haranguing between Washington D.C. professional biased parties drummed the cadence of a nation that would stand together against an external threat.  Our nation even gathered for prayer and services that called on the name of God.  Hymns were sung.

Evil people who launched a wicked lethal attack against innocent civilians had polluted the soil of our nation with their dastardly plans.  Terror had taken advantage of a free nation and free people.  There was no bravery or chivalry by these who stole, plotted and murdered.

My eyes scanned these old pieces of twisted steel.  I listened to President Bush speak to our nation and the world.  He spoke on our behalf and promised to do his duty to bring all of our nation’s strength to bear against the cowards who unleashed an ugly cowardly act of war on our country.

Always remember.  This picture of steel will be in my mind forever.  My spirit is stirred.

photo credit: brucefong photography

A decade ago I felt what every American felt.  We were in shock that our beloved nation was attacked.  Terrorists had slipped into our country of goodwill and murdered 3,000 innocent lives.

There was no open challenge.  This was not a war that was declared.  There was no honor in the actions of the evil cowards who chose a wicked road with their lives.

As a nation we immediately turned our hearts toward God.  We set aside our differences and joined in prayer and sang “God bless America” with a national resolve that I have never experience in my lifetime.  Our fellow citizens chose to rescue, comfort and resolutely respond.

Prayer meetings were springing up around the nation.  We prayed for the families of the victims.  Together we cast our care upon God and asked for success against our enemies.

Our President led our country to unleash her resources with an appropriate response.  He also stood with first responder heroes who rescued all that they could and with families who had to bury loved ones.  Faith was very much a part of our nation’s response to the 9/11 travesty.

While 3,000 perished, 6,000 escaped the twin towers that became piles of rubble.  Their lives pointed to the unity of those who fled the twin towers.  Today they treasure their lives as a gift from God.

But, in the city where the tragic event of the twin towers falling occurred, the powers that be have made a horrific decision.  They have banned the clergy from the service on 9.11.11.  Although the nation responded powerfully with a spiritual reaction toward God, those in control have decided to only let political figure speak.

Prayer will not be permitted.  Those who can bring God’s Word to a nation in need of refreshing its spiritual resolve are being kept silent.  Praying for the families of victims will be skipped.

It is too difficult for the politicians to decide which clergy to invite so they have concluded not to do anything.  It makes us all wonder how they decided which political figures should be chosen to speak.  Perhaps avoiding God matches the speakers who have no spiritual commitment.

But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  On the tenth anniversary of this national trial, I will change our normally scheduled sermon to speak what God has to say about facing tragedy.  I have resolved to do so.

photo credit: google image