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Off the main thoroughfare of the major Texas artery of I-35, off to the West is a wonderful adventure.  A collection of fantastic African animals roam on the Wildlife Ranch.  It is like a Safari but doing it Texas style.

With tickets in hand, our car entered the Ranch.  The giraffe compound was on the left.  Several of these unique animals posed for photographers.  Most were cooing  over the twin calves that were recently born.  We admire these statuesque creatures of the Dark Continent but we passed them, more interested in the animals that we could get up close and personal through our drive in their natural habitat.

Our car rumbled over the animal grate, designed to keep hooved animals in a designated area while allowing vehicle traffic constant passage.  It is a clever invention.

Barbary Sheep were the first to greet us.  A flock of these majestic creatures met us.  The Ewes were proud to show off their newborn lambs.  Standing watch by himself was a  ram with his massive horns curled over his head.

Wildebeest roamed ahead.  A herd of cows with their wobbly kneed calves entertained us.  This animal has a face that God must  have chuckled a little when He created them.

Along the way was enjoyed Springbok, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Watusis, Elk and Black bucks.  Then, there were Ostricks, Emu,  Camels, Bongos, Rhinos and Gemsbok.  The variety was amazing.

Can the human mind really trick itself into believing that such stunning and intricate variety happened by chance?  The nature of variety and variation is far more consistent with a Creator who demonstrated His detail for differences than an accidental bang of repeated lifeform strains.

Donkeys, Zebra, Llama and Alpacas were in the mix.  Massive Elands, Oryx and Kudu draw your eyes to feast on their massive size, shape and strength.  My camera shutter snapped over 500 times during our tour.

We laughed when the cars ahead of us stopped.  One of the visitors had their windows rolled down.  The ostrich was bold and brazen.  It stuck its head into the car and came out with the bag of food that is provided to each visitor when they enter the park.  Squeals and screams made the rest of us laugh.

Close behind were the Emus to pick up the leftovers that the giant walking birds left for other creatures to enjoy.  Shy Water bucks stayed in the shadows of the woods, more interested in their privacy than any human treats.

photo credit: brucefong photography