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We finished a wonderful day 1 on our Oregon adventure.  After a few glitches with our GPS and wandering around in Klamath Falls we found our hotel.  Sight unseen and internet information only I had booked a place by faith. 

Have you ever had the fun of trusting the providence of God with the best decision-making experience from your past?  This was one of those times.  Yvonne and I kept looking and wondering, is that the place?
“Oh, good, that’s not it.” 
“Hey, maybe that’s it!”
“Nope, that’s a bowling alley.” 
“Hmm…what’s that address again?” 
“Should we ask for directions?”
“There it is! Eureka!  We found it.  Wow, that looks very nice.”

We checked in, got settled and realized that we were very hungry.  To find a place we cruised the main thorough fare.  Automatically, we crossed all of the “fast food places” off the possibilities. 

 A restaurant flashed a sign that immediate seating was available.  There were a lot of cars outside.  The eatery advertised BBQ and steaks.  I had a strong pull and Yvonne agreed.    

When we sat down I felt the ease of a body tired from hours of driving to enjoy the relaxation of the moment.  Our waitress was friendly and helped us identify their premier dishes.  Next, a spiritual awakening occurred.

I am a huge fan of BBQ beef ribs.  Sure, I like pork ribs too, but beef ribs are not a common offering.  But, there they were on the menu and highly recommended by our waitress.

Explaining the physical, spiritual and psychological  rejuvenation is not possible with mere human words. Instead, it was a touch of providence that blessed our first day of vacation.  My order was sealed.

We waited for our food with pleasant conversation, rehearsing our days adventures.  But, I talked and listened only to contain my mouth from watering in anticipation of tonight’s special treat. To our surprise and our waitresses, the food arrived swiftly and the aroma alone made me smile.

The sight of BBQ beef ribs is a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate.  Like connoiseur of beef, this delivery is as much common art as it is culinary experience.  No, I’m not exaggerating.

My memories of this meal are fixed.  The first taste was as delightful as the last.  Yvonne laughed at my face full of BBQ sauce and accented with a huge smile.

photo credit: brucefong photography