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FullSizeRenderAn Egret is a common bird with a comical gait and a splendid posture that is unique among feathered friends.  There have been a number of times when I was comfortably enjoying the woods and a pond.  Then, the sound of fluttering wings gave notice to an Egret landing in the water.

Its long legs would slowly and carefully lift, stretch and walk into a better position.  Then it would crane its neck, adjust its posture and tilt its head.  When the sun, water reflection and shadows were just right a special event was about to take place in lightening speed.

The bird would strike.  Its beak and head would dart into the water.  Very little splashing would follow.

Like an expert in spear fishing, the Egret would emerge with a tiny minnow in its beak.  Carefully, it would lift up its head and lean back at just the right angle, manipulate its catch, and swallow it whole.  Then, it was back to fishing again.

It is a graceful bird.  When it functions it is clear that it has a flexibility which serves it well by the Creator’s design.  This is another creature of creation that makes far more sense as an intentional design rather than a happen chance  result of trial and error.

On a bike ride through the George Bush Park in Katy, Texas I chuckled at these funny birds.  Usually, I see them by themselves. One bird fishing a territory of water.  This time there was a whole convention of birds.

I was far enough away that they did not spook.  Instead, they went about bathing, chattering to each other or fishing for food.  Some had their heads up looking for danger.  Others took on a posture as if spoiling for a fight.

Maybe it was a convention.  Possibly like people this might have been a technique consortium on the best fishing techniques for the next generation of birds.  Goofy thoughts made me chuckle.

Funny birds made me chuckle out loud. Isn’t life grand when we can enjoy what we see, think lofty thoughts of theology and science, treasure the privilege to watching wildlife teach us about life?  Don’t you agree that this is quite a fascinating bird?

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography

IMG_2983We were headed toward our shopping destination.  The large parking lot gave us a ton of options for finding the perfect slip for our car.  A car actually pulled out from the closest spot just as we turned into that aisle.

Once we stopped and I shut down the car, we both noticed an oddity.  Actually, it is  not so odd.  We have noticed the phenomenon many times.

First, we could hear the sounds.  It was loud.  In fact some would call it deafening.

Birds, hundreds of birds were saturating the space around us. The trees were filled with these feathered animals.  They were not afraid of us or any of the other humans around us.

IMG_2984Instead, these birds also felt comfortable enough to roost on the cars around us.  There was no fear even when people approached their cars.  They did not fly until the doors unlocked and opened up.

Even after the humans were climbing into their machines, the birds cawed as if annoyed.  They simply fluttered to the next car and turned their noisy irritation at the disturbance.  It was an Alfred Hitchcock moment for sure. Do you remember The Birds?

The feathered animals did not show the common fear of humans in the movie.  They almost had the opposite disposition.  As the story unfolded, these critters even took a hostile stance.

The feeling of being surrounded was apparent to us.  These birds were all calling at once.  Have you ever noticed how sound nullifies the effort to be at peace?

We humans like our tranquility.  There was none here in the parking lot.  Something had drawn hundreds of birds to flock together here.

Moving vehicles and people did not disturb them.  If anything we wondered if we were in their way.  They moved out of our way eventually but only after we closed the distance of comfort and safety.

I stomped my foot a couple of times at some especially bold birds.  They only cocked their head and stared at me.  I accepted the challenged and walked directly at them.  Only then did they move with the reluctance of school-ground ruffian.

We were spared any birds on our car.  It was one of the very few that did not serve as a perch for this feathery convention.  Still I kept wondering what was this phenomenon?  It was not unusual here in Houston to experience it.  Another mystery that the Creator has put in His world for us to ponder.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography

Galveston 2012 021God’s creative beauty is breathtaking.  The  colors, shapes, movement and endless variety in the world that He has made is astounding.  It makes sense to me that what we all see around us bears witness to His hand in making out of nothing the world where we live.

We wandered around the canopy of the rainforest.  It is not just on the ground where life thrives.  Above the ground, in the tree tops, where the sun meets the umbrella of lush foliage, life abounds.

Birds of every shape and color capture your attention.  Some stand out like a bright neon sign.  Against the backdrop of rich greenery, these birds are a show.

Galveston 2012 141Besides brilliant colors, some birds add a large dose of comic relief.  The parrot struts its stuff with colors that brighten up the basic colors around the pool.  Not many would ever put those colors together in one outfit but these birds are dressed up for a show.

They have a personality that dares anyone to make a comment.  The opinion of observers just seem to give these old birds more reason to increase their attitude.  Can you sense it?

For a fleeting moment, you may get eye contact with one of these characters.  These birds just seem to want you to know that they know what you’re thinking.  Their reaction by body language, is “I don’t care what you think.”

Galveston 2012 032While some of the feathered friends stand out, the Creator made other birds subtle, almost invisible to those who are not looking closely.  Texture and movement gave away this interesting bird.  He looked streamlined and ready to cut through the air with blazing speed.

It was amazing how it perched gracefully on the trunk of a tree that matched its grey colors.  I glanced away and then returned my glance.  Not surprisingly I had to look closely; the bird seemed to have disappeared.  Then, it moved and I saw it again through the natural camouflage, amazing!

Galveston 2012 025Pigeons are everywhere in the world.  They are incredibly adaptable.  They vary in their colors and appearance from one environmental stage to the next. 

Yet, they live and entertain with their cooing.   Sounds of flocks of migratory pigeons always make me smile.  As long as they are not above me, I enjoy their contribution to the wonder of life that they add to any place they happen to perch.  Birds always capture my attention.

photo credit: brucefong photography