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IMG_0007[1]On August 22, Wednesday from 430PM to 630PM at Houston’s First Baptist Church there will be a Meet the Author gathering in the Fellowship Hall. Many of us who have had the privilege of putting words to paper will look forward to shaking hands, meeting you, signing books, and having some fabulous fellowship. If you are close by, then I hope to see you there.

photo by bruce w. fong photography

We have moved into our new rental.  The big stuff have been set in place.  A few grunts, groans and heaves have pushed them around to their final positions.

A lot of our little stuff is situated too.  The kitchen is functional and charming, thanks to my wife’s wonderful touch.  There is a warmth that is emanating from our home.

My office is functional.  I can pay bills, work on my taxes and do my research.  However, there is a challenge with several boxes left unpacked.

 I honestly don’t know how many boxes of books that I still have to sort through. Over the last two years I have given away thousands of volumes.  Even in their departure I handled them multiple times, going through a subjective process of purging.

Research tools I kept.  One-time read novels I gave away.  Non-fiction works that I had read once were gifted away.

Now, I still have hundreds of specialty reads hoping for an imminent decision.  They tell me about my life as much as they tell me about what the author wrote.  Categorized in small piles, they reflect the interests of my life.

There is a pile of books on fishing.  Some volumes talk about a specific species of fish.  Others tell about the technique to catch them and when to try.  Yet others give instructions on how to prepare them for a meal.

 Then, there are books on motorcycling.  Some are gift books that tell the history of certain models.  Others give lessons on riding safely and rides to take.

Of course there are books on photography.  You can tell that I have an interest in outdoor photography, wildlife and digital techniques.  These books have the best covers on them.

There are no more places to put my books.  It’s time to purge them yet again.  The exercise is uncomfortable as I handle each book multiple times, trying to make a choice.

My cook books might go.  I bought those when I had to do more in the kitchen while Yvonne worked on her Masters degree.  Someone else would certainly get more use out of them.

I’ll reduce my travel books.  Now, I’ll keep the memory of my trips in a  few volumes since my planning is all done.  It’s a good thing books can’t talk or they might be all saying “Keep me!” “Give me to someone who needs me.”  or “Read me again, I’m worth it!”

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