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This is Texas.  In Texas there is a style of dressing that does not cause a stir.  More likely it is embraced and considered so common that it does not raise any eyebrows.

Part of the local dress is Western wear.  Jeans are common.  Broad rimmed hats are a frequent part of the human scene.  Even yokes on men wearing shirts or jackets are not unusual.

Of course the accessories are there as well.  A bolo tie is a popular choice among the men.  Big belt buckles in shiny silver identify those who are proud to be Texans.

Top on the list for dress wear in this amazing state are boots.  It does not matter if a person is working, going to church or just kicking around, wearing a pair of boots is routine.  Fashion experts know how to make this style work for all occasions in Big T.

I stopped by a Western apparel store a while back.  My interest was a new pair of boots for casual every day work wear.  All of my boots are for dress events.

The ease of slipping on the boots and also the simplicity of kicking them off is terrific.  On top of the beginning and the end of this remarkable footwear broadcast a statement of style.  Yep, they look very cool.

The Boot section was easy to spot.  It was in the back part of the store where rows and rows of shelves were filled with boots.  This store had their stock on the shelves, out of boxes, lined up for customers to view.

Boot size was the overall category.  You could stay in one area and see all of the different styles that would be your fit.  The right boot was on the outside for you to examine.  Its mate was behind it.

My goal was to discover a black boot for every day work wear.  I wanted a rubber sole or at least something not leather.  My dress boots all have leather soles that do not do well in wet weather.

The look needed to be casual but sharp enough to wear with my work day world of Dockers and Khakis.  I tried on several pair.  Comfort is key.  You can feel it or not feel it as soon as the foot snaps into place.

This my first pair of Ariats.  They are perfect.  Comfort is the first word that comes to mind.  They look great.  It is a world of foot wear that matches the joy of real living.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography