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My garage door raised at the push of a button.  The morning of a new day poured in and bathed me with the promise of a great workout.  I love the morning!

I grabbed my bicycle and carried it on to my drive way.  After closing my garage door, I cinched up my riding gloves and buckled my helmet.  With ease I pushed off and mounted my machine breathing in the fresh morning air.

Houston’s heat had not yet claimed the day.  It would not roast the earth here in Texas for a few more hours.  Nor would the humidity climb the ladder until late in the morning.  For now the weather is everything Houston love about living here.

My newness to the area meant that my peddling would lead me from one adventure to the next.  Every place was new to me and a surprise.   Today my route would take me down some of my neighborhood roads that I mentally noted while driving through my new home territory.

The sun was dancing through the mature trees in our neighborhood as I pedaled down the street.  Sprinklers were spraying their last dousing of water over lush lawns.  Birds were busily chirping for their flocks to come join a discover of new berries, seeds or gnat balls.

On a whim I turned right.  A path led off the beaten track along a large long culvert.  There is school child coming in the opposite direction.

She is bearing a backpack, smiling at the new day with a mind filled with school moments.  I paused at the intersection to let her pass.  She with her Southern upbringing, nodded with polite acknowledgment.  That’s when I did a double-take at a sign just off to my right.

Who stops to read a sign while on a workout ride?  We don’t have time to break stride, especially when the sign has lots of words on it.  Surely, drivers would not have the time to read the blurry print while racing by at 40 mph.

But, I read the sign again pausing on a couple of particular words.  Was this a joke?  Could someone have made a geographical error?

But, that little girl come from that direction without any problems.  Hmmm… maybe she is from a long line of alligator hunters.  Whoa, it was time to turn around and choose a different path to finish my morning ride.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography


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