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Travel for ministry is not uncommon in my schedule.  Most of my time is spent in my home town but air travel is very visible in my calendar.  Yet, I still make mistakes.

Sometimes I forget to pack some necessities.  Once I forgot socks.  At other times I have forgotten toothpaste, toothbrush, razor or comb.

Now, I have a bag with travel items that I keep handy for all of my journeys.  So far I have not forgotten that bag.  However, I have forgotten to refill several of those important dispensers or replace those empty containers.

I have a check list that helps me.  A busy schedule keeps deadlines and departures on the edge.  The routine is getting honed to something that is common.

Nevertheless, no matter how hard I try there are danger zones primed for a mistake.  When I arrive at the airport parking, my individual world turns into an instantaneous stressful moment.  In front of me driver is unsure of where to park, slowing down an entire line of cars.  We all are waiting to move into a slot and jump on to the airport shuttle.

Finally, I get to pick a spot while the shuttle moves up.  Now, the shuttle and all of its passengers are waiting for me to climb aboard.  I grab my bag and don my backpack.  Then, I hit my remote to lock the truck and climb into the shuttle and we whisk off to the terminal.

The terminal is ahead while all of us are jostled around the tight turns to enter into the drop-off zone.  We are all reaching for our cellphones to check our gates.  That is the moment when shock and awe grip my heart.

I forgot my phone.

It is back in my truck.  When I left from home I connected it to the power cord to ensure a full charge for the journey.  The rushing around to catch the shuttle distracted me.

How can I survive without my cellphone for four days?  How would I double-check my schedule, call up my confirmation numbers, make appointments, send text messages to key people or take pictures of the weekend adventure?  This was a very unsettling discovery.

Yes, I prayed.  I asked God to calm my spirit and sort out this travel wrinkle.  Just like the Word promises, He gave me calm.

I smiled.  This would be an adventure.  He would be there for me and He does not need a cellphone to stay in touch.