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IMG_1832My childhood days were back in the days when a technological phenomenon forever made its mark on human history.  Both the engineering sector and the entertainment world were ecstatic about the invention and development of this game-changing industry.  It was dubbed television.

Now, the world of media could beam actual images into the homes around the world.  People could have their imaginations stirred, stimulated and manipulated.  Human creativity was unleashed on the fertile imaginations of the public.

Brilliant minds began to create stories to accomplish those purposes.  They invented characters and scenarios in the world of fiction that terrified the minds of any who saw their show.  Even in black and white, one of those movies left a lasting impression on my mind.

The title to this story was simply The Birds.  Alfred Hitchcock was the creator.  His stories etched their presence in my mind and in the memories of so many.

In a small town a weird phenomenon occurred.  For some bizarre reason the birds began to attack humans.  They were countless in number and relentless in their pursuit.

Terrified people ran for cover.  They took shelter in cars, shops and telephone booths.  If you do not know what the last place is, ask your grandparents.

Birds smashed windows, sacrificed their lives to break into havens of safety sought by people in order to give their counterparts access to wreak havoc on the town’s population. In one horrific scene the birds attacked one of their victims and gouged out his eyes.  That was shocking TV back in its day.

Now, I arrive in the parking lot of a neighborhood store.  When I step out my mind is reliving that movie in real life.  The IMG_1833trees that line the parking lot are alive.

No it is not just that they are green and growing. Rather, they serve as a perch for hundreds of birds.  These large black birds with long tails have gathered.

These feathered animals are not quiet.  Instead, they fill the evening air with a cacophony of their calling, chirping and cawing.  It is loud, nearly deafening and reminiscent of The Birds.

A small chill races down my spine.  It is a momentary remembering of the scenes still so vivid in a child’s mind now toying with the reality of a real moment.  Time to shake it off and find safety in a building with few glass windows and solid brick walls.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography