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Godly living is a matter of consistency.  God’s sovereignty determines our life decisions.  Marriage or celibacy is included in this application. 

Our place in life with others is an assignment made by God Himself.  He calls us to our status in life when it comes to marriage.  We participate but he mystery of His guidance is a Biblical declaration.

The local church must teach this connection between the heavens and life on earth.  Mankind is not independent of God’s will.  He determines our steps.  It is not impersonal robotic control but instead amazing personal involvement. 

Living life in recognition of this dynamic keeps us from frustration.  There are very few rules for the church in an age of grace.  This recognition of God’s direction in our lives in a vital decision for us all is essential.

It is helpful to consider our initial spiritual renewal.  Our journey into justification does not require a visitation with legalistic or regulatory actions.  Cultural observances need to be distinguished from spiritual truth.  Human limitations must be kept in their place.

Circumcision is an example of this distinction.  It is inconsequential in either situation.  If religious reasons resulted in circumcision then that condition should neither be changed nor be pursued. 

The physical sign of circumcision is nothing in itself.  It was a sign for Israel that they were a part of the covenant people.  Following that pattern expressed a national spiritual identity. 

Now, that Jesus Christ has fulfilled the law and Gentiles are grafted into the family of God by grace, old patterns are now obsolete.  Instead, on an individual basis each life now approaches God on their own.  True faith is now lived not by community practices but personal obedience to God’s commands.

Whatever situation a person was in when God called him to salvation should be where he remains.  Our salvation experience does not give us a reason to expect a privileged status in life.  Salvation is a gift to anyone in any situation in life.

In the first century, when slavery was a part of the social culture, salvation that comes to a slave is wonderful.  But, even then justification does not follow with a right to live a different social status in life.  Remain where God has sovereignly placed us. 

Pleasing God not men is our objective.  His standards are ours.  Bloom wherever we find ourselves and accept our life status as a part of God’s design.

1 corinthians 7.17-24

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