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Have you had one of those moments when you were just caught short?  Something froze you in time.  It was unexpected, totally surprising or shockingly arresting?

There on the floor in our hallway was a very large cockroach.  It was Texas-sized.  Why does this bug conjure up the very epitome of ugly to the human mind?

Their color, their appendages, their movement, their reputation all add up to “Yuck!”  There could not have possibly been cockroaches on earth before original sin.  Or maybe as a result of the Fall, something else very good and beautiful morphed into these hideous creatures.

I grabbed a can of insecticide.  According to the can, this lethal anti-bug poison was specifically formulated to kill roaches on contact.  The first volley of kill-juice was a direct hit. 

This insect fluttered, kicked up its legs and gyrate like a dancing machine.  This bug did not stop but kept on moving more.  It’s like it was irritated but it was more invigorated than ever.  At first I thought that this must be a super bug.

So, I sprayed this intruder for a second time.  Again, it seemed to excite the critter.  I was kicking its legs, wagging its antennae and fluttering its wings.  Surely, this was its last gasp for life, its death dance.

I left it to die on its own.  My morning moved along at a nice brisk pace.  Later, I came back to see if this visitor from the lower regions had finally expired.  It had not!

Annoyed, I gave it a good dose from the same insecticide.  This was its third application.  Again this goofy stubborn infectious monster kicked to life again. 

That was it.  I had to begin my day.  Appointments waited for me in the human world where I live. 

I grabbed a broom and bonked this guy on its vital parts.  One swift conk did the trick.  Now, it was a dustpan and a trip outside to deposit its carcass into the garbage can. 

Even a super bug was no match for a broom beating.  I hope that it was loud enough of a commotion to warn all of his buddies that they are not welcome in my house.  Just call me the broom basher of the super bugs.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography