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IMG_32202012 was a year that many remembered for a brief moment.  Destined to be a forgettable moment of temporary horror, we languished in the feeling of helplessness.  The emotion drove us all to ask what we could have done to prevent the loss, but we were impotent.

None of us had the power to stand against the apparent tide of the inevitable. Had the time for this step into the future a resignation of a necessary loss? Who was to blame for this iconic devastation of Americana?

Yes, the “Twinkies” was going the way of the Gooney bird.  News of this demise blanketed the news broadcasts.  Sadly, parodies of this passing gave the comedic voices plenty of material in the month of November.

There was no outcry from the health industry spokes persons.  Quietly, their march toward an organic-only society was swallowing up every mom and pops operation in the nation.  This was a major swipe at forced health bias in recent current events.

Memorial services played out in every region of the nation.  The farewells were sincere.  Many adults recalled fond memories of their childhood lunch bucket having the golden snack prominently placed on top of the PB&J sandwich.

Then, like the passing of familiar friend, life returns to normal.  Presence turns into memories.  Memories fade into living with adjustments.

However, the world was awakened to entrepreneurs who captured the meaning behind the memories.  Within the next year there was a major move to buy the brand.  Clearly the brand had demonstrated its universal impact on this nation and the world.

No other competitive product rose to fill the void.  How strong can a brand actually be?  This was historic!

Details of the sweeping acquisition brought back nostalgic smiles.  Eyes sparkled at the news.  Conversations shifted and talked up the change in events.

Comedians found more material for their late night sets.  People laughed.  Yet, with so much “good” humor, everyone knows that there is truth behind the punch line.

It is back.  The Twinkies, not unlike the animated Minions on the despicable silver screen, is back on grocery shelves.  In my duties as the motor behind the grocery cart, I paused and gazed at the golden sponge cakes with the creamy fillings and paid a moment of cheer at their return.

In a respectful gesture, I picked up a package.  Then, I turned it over, read the ingredients, put it back on the shelf and kept on moving.  I felt good that the Twinkie had returned.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography