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How many days does it take to become an official Texan?  That question was in the background of our busy days getting settled in our new state.  Our move from California to the land of longhorn cattle, big oil and vast landscapes is keeping our daily schedule filled to the brim.

One of the many to-do items for us is obtaining our Texas driver’s licences.  Like many states we have a small window of time to take care of these matters.  A 30-90 day window is about all any state gives someone to become legal residents once you move across state lines.

I studied the information online.  With a large measure of confidence my bride and I drove to the correct bureau to take care of this matter.  We stood in a long line and were dutifully informed that I needed to do a lot more than what we were prepared for that morning.

The public employee was cheerful and helpful.  That helped a lot since we had invested that day to take care of these official matters.  She gave us a hard copy of things that we needed to do before being granted our Texas drivers licenses.

Back at home I studied the sheet, revisited the website and made my lists and scheduled appointments on my calendar.  This was going to require three more days at a minimum.  There was no other alternative.

First, I had to take our vehicles into a certified state inspection station.  Vehicle inspections are advertised on the windshield of every car and truck on Texas roads.  Motorcycles have these stickers on a special panel attached to the rear license plate.

This episode alone took four trips to two different inspection stations.  All of my vehicles passed!  My motorcycle took two trips since the first station didn’t have the stickers or the plate to attach the sticker once the inspection was done.

With safety inspection papers in hand we stopped in at the County Tax Assessor’s Office.  This took two trips since I had forgotten some papers…groan.  Providentially, I ended up at an auxiliary office that had a very short line.

Then, on our fourth day we drove one hour out-of-town to small driver’s license bureau.  There the wait was only 30 minutes and the processing was a mere 20 minutes total.  We had all of the right documents!

We walked out of the state office with our driver’s licenses.  Now, we are both official Texans.  Yehaw!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography