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IMG_0954We arrived home late because we both had so much to do at work.  Now, it was after 7PM so we paused and heated up a simple supper and headed back out on a week night to get a few errands knocked off of our list.  Running around town, we help each other check on projects to finish, lists of things to collect and eventual events to attend.

Our last stop lay ahead.  We paused and looked at each other.  Weariness from a long day and busy night made us both wink at each other.

“Last stop. Then we can go home and get some rest,” we cheered each other on.

“OK, you get this half of the list and I will get the other half and rendezvous back up front,” my administrative hunter skills were kicking in.

My beloved was efficient as she could be.  Yup, distractions begged for her attention.  Several extra stops were  giving her the moment that shopping does to enliven her soul.

For a few moments I was determined to finish my task and be the first one back to the meeting point.  My every intention was mission-oriented.  The task was at hand and I would accomplish it.

Then, the unexpected happened.  It had an immediate effect on my speed, focus and destination.  With time passing by I stopped and slipped into another world.

This is October and a fully decorated Christmas tree stopped me in my tracks.  It was simple, yet grand.  The use of ribbons and bows gave it an elegant look.

Some might say that there was more ribbon than tree.  But, they would be wrong.  The tree shape dominated the silk decor.  Greenery contrasted with the white and gold fabric.

Yet, the tree is not the meaning for me.  This special symbol of the season gives me reason for great pause.  In a couple of months, the birthday of the King will be upon us.

Hope for a world in chaos, a joy that will silence the grit of war, peace that will sooth the hurting and hungry, faith will be anyone’s greatest strength when placed on the Baby and love will be shared with family, friends and fellow citizens of earth.  This tree, this season changes everything in life.  It does. Count on it. Believe it.

It’s Halloween but Christmas is coming!

photo credit: brucefong photography

It’s a part of our routine to head to the grocery store.  There we stock up on essentials that will be our daily fare of meals.  Usually, we enter the orderly and well stocked aisles with a list in our hands. 

My job is to push the cart.  That’s it.  I just manage the gathering basket to collect our list of items. 

Yvonne is the skilled chef.  She knows the ingredients that she needs to produce her amazing masterpieces that nourish and please our taste buds.  I am the official taster at the appropriate times.  But, now, I just steer the buggy.

We turn to the right once we are in the store.  Usually, we turn right.  It leads us to the produce department.

Green is common in this section.  Melons, squash, lettuce, spinach, celery and a whole array of Chinese vegetables that have no Western names. 

But, there is a contrast of colors.  Like a splash for variety, a large display table is filled with bananas.  They are yellow, my favorite color.

This delicious fruit is packaged in bunches for easy grabbing.  No one gets to break off the banana that they want.  The store knows the habits of their customers!

Soon, we have all of the vegetables and fruit that we need.  Yvonne leads the way while she scans her list.  I just manage to push the load behind her and keep from crashing into the many other shoppers looking every where but where they are going.

There are some scrapes and scratches but we make it to the other end of the store.  I’m fascinated to look over the fish that lie waiting for the frying pan while bathed in crushed ice to keep them fresh.  These dance in my imagination on the end of my fishing rod.

But, there is life here too.  Just a few feet away from the refrigerated counter filled with many color fish are the live tanks.  Catfish, shrimp, crab, lobsters and several fish wait for someone who wants only what is fresh.

I smile.  The oyster tray is bubbling with fresh saltwater.  Dozens and dozens of these delicious shellfish doze under the surface. 

No one has to chase them.  They just lie there ready for the next picker.  Then, they go home for a special treat for someone. 

Grocery shopping is a necessity.  Still, it can be fascinating while we watch.  Variety is the spice of life.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography

Mondays are precious days.  It is the only day that I get to stay away from a busy six days of rigorous ministry.  The list of stuff to do and enjoy is never short for this rare day in the week.

First on the list was a stop at the grocery store.  Yvonne is working today so it falls on me to prepare dinner.  The shopping list is short, I’m on a mission when I get to the neighborhood market.

I hit the produce section first.  Anything exotic is a pass.  I’m in for the basics.  Some green, some roots and some color.  Then, it’s time to add meat, can goods, beverages and finish off my grocery hunt with special ingredients. 

With the groceries laid out on the table I prepare the evening meal and turn the crock pot to ON.  Then, I am off to run errands through the morning.  My radio is on and I’m in tune with the current events of the nation and world. 

My circuitous route includes the bank, the doctor’s office, a specialty shop and brunch.  Since I combined breakfast and lunch into one meal I bought more time for some computer work.  I added enough flex time to my schedule to write another two blogs.

I checked in on dinner.  The aroma was wonderful.  It made my mouth water.  Eight hours of slow cooking would make for a fine meal.

Then, I did some music, read some and got ready for some Monday night sports.  There was baseball and football in the same evening.  How great is that?

Yvonne and I had a quiet evening together.  I gave her a “just because” gift.  It made her smile, laugh and she shared some with me.

We frowned when the Detroit Tigers lost.  It was a great baseball game for the ALCS.  The Texas Rangers look very tough.

Then, we cheered as the Detroit Lions won.  It was an entertaining football game.  After losing so many times to the Chicago Bears, this year these Lions look very competitive.

The dishwasher is empty.  All of the dishes are done.  My correspondence is complete.

Every one of our bills is paid.  Promises are all kept.  Friends have heard how much they are appreciated. 

Tomorrow morning is coming quickly.  I will be ready for a long day.  But, the batteries of my soul are recharged and the possibilities are exciting.

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