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Today is my last Sunday as a Pastor of Sunset Church.  That word “last” is tough when we have to say “Good-bye”.  The days that we shared together over the years in our lives have been filled with treasured moments.

I thank you who have received the teaching of the Word.  In our information-saturation age, listening to a monologue is outdated, old-fashioned and very limited.  Yet, it is God’s way and so many of you have obeyed HIS directive.

I thank you who have received the love that Yvonne and I have brought.  It has been delivered to you in Jesus’ name, honestly, sincerely and with unbiased distribution to all.  No one has been left out; all have been included.

I thank you who men who have received special attention for infusion of spiritual instruction, encouragement and training.  Discipleship is Jesus’ model.  Thanks, men, for joining me in this Christ-like endeavor.

I thank you who went above and beyond the call of duty to find a place of selfless service to the church family.  Watching you give your love, service, time and resources has been amazing.  Your faces are etched in my mind and I know in the heart of God.

I thank you who filled in to do for others what needed to be done.  You did it without seeking anything in return, just for the pleasure of your Lord.  God will bless you for your devotion.

I thank you leaders for serving at great expense of your own time and energy.  You showed up for meetings.  You showed up for service.  You showed up when others did not.  You showed up to demonstrate your faithfulness to your Lord.

I thank you leader spouses for giving up time with your loved one. You understood that this is for Him.  That is unselfish, devoted, humble and godly of you.

I thank you who took extra steps to encourage Yvonne and me.  You took us out, treated us to special attention and gave us words of appreciation.  Those expressions were gifts that made our spirits soar.

I thank you for the privilege of serving as your shepherd in the name of Jesus Christ.  Yvonne and I will miss you.  Always remember, you are loved!

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