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Lucas BaileyThere will never be another Father’s Day for me like this one.  Yes, I am blessed with five children.  Do not faint.  God blessed my bride and I with three of our own children.  Then, our two oldest are now married.  We love our two in-law children so much that we count them as our own.  Three plus two equals five.

Having these five with us is a blessing.  We laugh, discuss, make memories and serve in the building of God’s Kingdom together.  On top of all of these joys we have a new blessing to enjoy for the rest of our lives.   This Father’s Day, I have the added celebratory credential as a Grandfather.  Baby Lucas was born one day before Father’s Day and launched me into the world of grandparenting.  What an amazing treat in life.

For years we have been preparing ourselves for this wonderful phase in life.  There would be snatches of wisdom left by others in this field of human satisfaction.  Someone once declared, “Grandparenting is God’s reward for parents who did not murder their teenagers.”  It was said only once to me.  I have not forgotten.

Then, Moses made a huge point in inspired Scripture teaching that legacy was more than horizontal impact.  The privilege of influencing others is not just among our peers.  Instead, we must also pour into our vertical legacy through our children and our children’s children.

On this special day when I have the thrill of being included among this special group of men known as fathers, I also can invest in the third generation behind me.  Our nuclear group has now added this stunning dimension to our family tree.  This little guy is the first of hopefully many.

Our gathering times will be fun but also edifying in our faith endeavor.  Together we will live our lives for the glory of  the King.  We will encourage each other in our spiritual pursuits, cheer each other on with achievement, learning and challenges.

We will make a difference in our lifetime.  Automatically, we will celebrate what we can all do together.  Certainly, we will do far more together than we will ever do on our own.  It is a miracle known as family.  It is the best.  God has blessed me with this wonderful strength.  I delight in putting it into efficacious practice.

Happy Father’s Day!

photo credit: proud parents


My phone vibrated.   Jeremy, our son, sent me a message asking for a small favor.  Of course we Dads give priority to any requests by our children. 

He had just moved into a new apartment across the street from the campus where he is doing his graduate studies.  Now, he has the delight of populating his new digs with furniture.  Craig’s list has come through for him.

He found someone who was selling their dinette set.  It includes an expanding table and four chairs.  The description and pictures looked good and the price was right.

There was a small glitch that kept him from closing the deal.  He lives in Oakland but the dinette set was in San Francisco, not far from where we live.  Also, he has a sporty little subcompact that has enough storage in it for a grasshopper or two.  I have a pick-up truck.  Do you see a solution in this picture?

So he asked if I could go to the home look over the furniture and make sure that it was accurately portrayed by the picture, pay the owners and deliver the furniture to his new home.  No problem for a Dad to do that.  I heartily agreed and set off on this little adventure.

We met the young couple who were selling the furniture.  They we delightful.  A fun introduction and visit ensued.

They welcomed us into their home and showed us the dinette set.  It looked great.  The price was very fair.  So, we loaded up the five-piece set and set off on our drive across the Bay Bridge.

It took us a while to make the journey to Oakland.  The traffic out of San Francisco was its typical stop and go.  But, this time even the Bay Bridge traffic was very slow.

Finally, we arrived at our son’s new home.  We carried the furniture, food items, soft goods, kitchen utensils up to his pad.  It was fun to see his new home and warm up the atmosphere there with Mom and Dad’s celebratory spirit. 

Now, we were off to dinner.  We had a great meal, laughed a bit, dreamed, reminisced and caught up on all of our plans.  That’s family stuff.  But, then the bill for the dinner came.

It had already been paid.  Our son had taken care of the check.  Afterall, it was Father’s Day.  Yum!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography