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Joshua 21,22
Part 5 of 7


Before the tribes separate, they openly declare their devotion to specific convictions.  This is not merely a religious rite but a declaration of allegiance to truth.  It is what is most important to them.


They vow to keep the commandment and the law.  Together they announce their love for the LORD their God.  In unison they declare their intentions to walk in all His ways.  As a nation they will obey His commands.  They will hold fast to Him.  As a people they will serve him with all of their heart and soul.


If those of us who follow the LORD will do likewise then oddities like misunderstandings and human biases will be dramatically lessened.  Instead of churches splitting and Christians ending fellowship, the Spirit will win over human limitations.   Humans clinging stubbornly to their self-centered position that they are right will humbly defer all righteousness to God where it belongs.


This stirring national statement of spiritual commitment may have saved Israel from an unnecessary civil war.  Today we who live in the focus of God’s grace have too often been a part of separations that never should have been allowed to fester into something exclusively human.


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Joshua 21,22
Part 4 of 7


When we only have partial information, it can easily fester into something very ugly. Someone did something that annoyed us. Or someone said something that hit us wrong. Then again, someone did NOT say something that gnaws at us.


We do not act wisely when we get sideways with someone. Our annoyance and penchant to judge others takes over spiritual discernment or grace. Something that we fear may also circumvent our reasonableness and thrust us into the wicked morass of judging others.


There is glue that can keep God’s people from blowing apart. Israel faced a potentially devastating misunderstanding among the tribes. It came at the heels of great success. That is when biases and fears can cause something very good to come unhinged.


As the 2 and ½ tribes were ready to leave their brothers and return to their land, together all of Israel rehearsed what was truly important. God had fulfilled all of His promises. He has a perfect track record of keeping His promises to the nation. His character has been proven flawless.


When God is elevated and honored, His people have hope. They have what is necessary to keep them together. Hope will protect them from separating in the future due to misunderstandings. Facts are more important than biases.


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