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IMG_3088Capturing action in a sculpture is a talent that wins the admiration of the world’s wealthiest.  This specialized craft seizes the attention of normally busy people.  A statue or piece of sculpture that has been the product of a master artist draws out the wonder in people who appreciate such talent.

My early days of art appreciation was more like an elimination than a discovery.  Elementary school teachers introduced me and my classmates to sculpting.  They put a lump of clay in front of and told us to make it into something.

Several of us sat there, staring at our clay.  A rare student was busy shaping, gauging and pressing the clay to match a picture in their mind.  I remember watching a student going after the clay with enthusiasm.

Finally, I saw in my a dinosaur.  It was a triceratops.  In my mind this magnificent reptile was properly proportioned, vivid in detail and ferocious in stature.

When I finished with my sculpture, there was no sense of proportion, details did not exist and “odd” was my only reaction to my product with no ferocity whatsoever.  My teacher walked by and commented, “Nice work, Bruce, what is it?”  She complemented me but could not guess what I had created.

That’s when I looked down at my creation and saw that two of the three horns had fallen off, the tail was more like a hotdog and the eyes were crooked.  While I imagined my ancient creature stomping through the jungle, it looked more like a mythical alien that had tripped and fallen on the art table.  I was given the option of starting over.  Of course I took that offer.

However, God gave the talent of artwork to a very few who make the rest of us appreciate their skills.  Frederick Remington is one of those outstanding sculptors whose art lives on for generations.  It is not just his craftsmanship but the genre of his work.  Remington captured the fast-moving exciting scenes from the Old West.

The world of cowboys and Indians locked in adventures that tamed the wild plains and mountains is the slice of life often preserved in bronze statues.  One of those classic pieces was in the center of a store in the Houston Hobby airport.  It captured my attention.

Nothing else in the store interested me.  In fact I probably would not have stopped except for this Remington piece.  All of us can leave something spectacular for the next generation.  God made us great that way.  Find out what He has created you to do.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography