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photo-1A remarkable Texas dessert experience is readily available to all.  Many would claim that ice cream is a favorite way to end a meal or to enjoy a special treat during the day.  Here in Texas there is an added dimension to this common phenomena.

A friendly Texan smiled at me early on in our move to our newly adopted state.  In their welcome to Houston they told me that one of our favorites-to-be would be Blue Bell ice cream.  I welcomed that prophecy.

We soon found ourselves at a local BBQ eatery on a Sunday after church.  People were excited and polite as we stood in a cafeteria-like line to select our entree.  Then, we helped ourselves to two sides among several choices.

Ice tea was a common beverage of choice.  Then, we collected our tray and found a comfortable seating.  Servers came along and offered us hot-out-of-the-oven rolls.  They were delicious!

As our meal came to a close another server came and offered us dessert.
“Sure! What do you have there?” I asked with expectation.
“We have complementary Blue Bell ice cream, sir,” came the cheerful reply.

Then, my memory that is as secure as a giant sieve, recalled the prophecy by a friendly Texan who welcomed us to Houston not that long ago.  That was one of those moments in life when reality and prophecy rendezvous and give us a taste of what is delightful in life.

The sever placed a mounded bowl of vanilla ice cream in front of me.  It looked refreshing.  On top of that it was free!

A spoonful went into my mouth and I remember sensing how creamy it was.  The flavor was full and natural.  Cold shivers raced down my back.

Then, the second mouthful confirmed my first reaction.  This ice cream was delicious.  After I finished my serving I greedily stared at my wife’s bowl.

She protected her territory with a single cold glare.  I was not going to risk life or limb.  So, I contented myself with gazing.

Now, on those rare moments when we can splurge and add a delicious confection to our meal, we will gravitate toward Blue Bell Ice Cream.  Someone told us to travel to Brenham, a short hour drive, and take a tour of the creamery.  We did that tour and enjoyed the treat of free ice cream at the end of the tour.  It is a Texas favorite of ours now and forever.

photo credit: brucefong photography


IMG_2093We were out visiting College Station, Texas.  It is a two hour drive NW of Katy, where we call home.  It was a business trip.  More technically it was a ministry trip.

The drive is pleasant.  It takes you through the rolling hills of central Texas.  Fields of crops line both sides of the highway.  Small burghs keep locals busy in various services and commerce.

Summer had already settled into this community so traffic was light.  We had no problem finding our locations and carrying out our responsibilities.  Along the way we even made some new friends.  Texas is a friendly state.  I looked at the clock and estimated that it was time to make exit.  If we left then, we could make the leisurely drive back to Katy, rest a bit, run our errands and make it to our evening service at Houston’s First Baptist Church.

It was lunchtime so we picked a fast food restaurant to grab a bite before our journey.  We pulled into one of the parking slots and ordered through the menu boxes that served each parking stall.   During our pleasant conversation, I started to laugh when I noticed an advertisement on the wall right in front of us.

The words in my mind screamed with laughter, “Really?”  That was my reaction.  The words are amazing but in a different context.  For my whole life I have toyed with that tag line.  It has been a part of the ministries that I have been in no matter what part of the country that I have served, these words spoke of eternity, grace, mercy, devotion, hope and faith.

They really do not speak of the world of ice cream.  Not really, right?  Ok, now that I have thought about it a bit in some semblance, I may be persuaded to consider the love of real ice cream as “real love”.  In a fun sort of way this best dessert of all in any part of the world among any culture this confection is the best.  We could even say that we love ice cream. As long as of course it is real ice cream.  This may well explain what real love is all about even on the eternal level.  It is an obsession of what is truly genuine.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography