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God shows no favortism to anyone.  Instead, He has given His grace to all men. This universal offering is enough to amaze us toward His goodness. While people live on different economic levels in this life, all have the same opportunity to lock up their own eternal salvation.

At the same time we can be assured that our eternity has present benefits. When a person has been regenerated by faith in Jesus Christ, they are reborn. This automatically causes some changes to occur. 

For one there is a new sense of what is right and wrong.  Our conscience is given a new sense of sensitivity.  We hunger to do what is right.  Our guilt is not just psychological but spiritual.  Now, we want to please God with a life that matches His standards of purity.  We feel the guilt that comes from living for ourselves.

Paul tells Titus that the temptations to live an ungodly and worldly life may seem attractive at first, but it will be frustrating and more and more unstatisfying.  Yet, when we yield to it we are all too aware of our guilt.  Instead, we long for the new passions of self-control, upright living and lives that enjoy God’s values and standards.

There is a motivation that fuels this desire.  Once a person has been redeemed by Christ, that believer longs to be with Christ.  He wants to see the Savior face to face.  Jesus said that he would come back and maybe in the life time of the believer that return could happen.  This eventual reunion could have a surprise early fulfillment if this “blessed hope” happens. 

We have all experienced a glorious sight in our lives. For some of us it is an amazing sunset.  For others it is the unique phenomenon of an erupting volcano.  Of course for many it is the runion of reconnecting with a longtime friend or family member.  A Christian longs to see the Savior face to face.  Aferall, He redeemed us, cleaned us up and gave us a new appetite for what is good.

When a pastor teaches his people these truths he is advancing the will of Almighty God.  A ministry like this gives him an authority that both encourages and rebukes for the purpose of helping others.  Opposition has little impact on a person like this.  Truth prevails and efforts to despise such a servant of God is impotent.

titus 2.11-15