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Johnny English humiliated the MI7 agency with an apparent botched mission.  He felt that it was his fault.  In his remorse English retreated to Tibet to do penance with monks while learning martial arts.

HQ in London decided that English was the best agent for a new mission.  The Chinese premier was the target of international assassins.  Once MI7’s number one agent, Johnny was recalled to London to take on this critical mission after a five-year hiatus.

Don’t worry.  If you want to see a serious drama in the genre of action espionage then this isn’t a movie for you.  However, if you are in the mood for a chuckle, goofiness that makes you laugh and the silliness of British dry humor, then this will be entertaining to you.

With his assignment tucked away in his sieve of a mind, he reconnects with Ambrose, his old fellow agent.  While his old partner is apparently thrilled to reconnect with Johnny, he is a suspicious character, cocky and self-serving.

Now, Johnny gets reacquainted with Quartermain, master inventor of spy goods.  Armed with secret agent weapons, English stumbles and bumbles his was into the field.  This spoof on James Bond is hysterical.

Johnny is looking for clues.  He finds unique keys that lead him to Vortex, the triad of evil that is plotting the assassination.  They are a super secret organization.

Our hero is stunned when he realizes that the three evil partners includes a mole within MI7.  Looking for the traitor is not easy.  But, the goofiness of the episode kept me laughing.

Throughout the movie are episodes of the Chinese elderly woman whose assassinations keep missing English. In turn he mistakes her identity with the wrong seniors.  Who can carry out this kind of silly venture while maintaining a plot has to have some on-screen talent.

He shows flashes of espionage excellence.  He fights an assailant with panache.  Instead of a high-speed chase, he walks after his target making for a very clever chase scene

Ultimately, the bad guys lose.  Johnny English is the hero.  He is also reconnected with his past credentials and knighthood.

Rowan Atkinson has the look for his role.  His body language is schooled after years of Mr. Bean antics.  His first Johnny English spoof guaranteed that a sequel would be made.  Here it is and it is just as humorous.

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