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An email notice flashed on my cell phone screen.  A few taps on the screen gave me a heads up that our dinner meeting would be at the Westin St. Francis Hotel.  Our rendezvous was scheduled for 630Pm and it would be at the Oak Restaurant on the main floor.

This was a first for me.  My guest and I arrived at the O’Farrell and Ellis parking garage.  It is a two block walk to the hotel. 

Revolving doors transported us into one of the plush destinations of our city.  Historical and elite art decked the walls.  Grand architecture surrounded us. 

Photographs of the rich and famous hung on the walls.  I only recognized a few of the faces.  Surely, I must travel in very different circles.

The carpet in this amazing facility is unique.  It is plush.  Colors on this exquisite flooring does what rarely occurs, I glance down, raise an eyebrow in admiration.

There in the corner of the lobby is the famous grandfather clock.  It stood strong and steady through the great earthquake at the turn of the century.  All of the great wars surged through the pages of history while it faithfully kept time.

Countless lives from every corner of the world have scheduled the meeting of clients, V.I.P’s and dates right at the foot of this clock.  Similar words over the generations have announced, “I’ll meet you at the clock.”  Some of those meetings were happy, some sad and some devastating, but this is where so many of them began.

A picture to my left caught my eye.  I had seen it on the internet.  It was a photo of the Bistro’s signature dish.  Featured on a plate was a delectable beef rib.

Garnish decorated the serving.  Lighting was perfect to make your mouth water.  There was not a pile of ribs, just one. 

However, the one was sufficient.  It looked more like a roast with a single bone sticking out from the side.  My attention had transformed into desire.  I wanted one!

The restaurant menu was to the side.  My eyes glanced down the offerings until I found a match.  If you thought that a high guess on the price was $35 or $50 you like me would have been way too low. 

What an amazing hotel.  It was charming to look.  But, I settled for a glass of water with a slice of lime.

photo credit: google image

During my relatively short seven mile commute, I noticed several event signs scattered along the route home.  They pinpointed a specific day on the calendar.  It declared that day, “Ride your bike to work day”. 

Of course that made me smile.  If the precipitation was near zero, then I would be open to an alternative transportation just for the fun of it.  I wondered if any of my colleagues would pick up the baton and make that journey to work with two wheels rather than four.

It’s no fun to be pestered about something that you don’t like to do.  So, I didn’t say a word to anyone in advance of that day.  Everything in our office went along like normal.

For me the thought had given birth to an interest.  Being one with nature, feeling the breeze in your face and enjoying the sounds of God’s creation rather than the blaring of the stereo iPod made me glad.  It would take some planning.

The convenience of a four-wheeled rig is unmistakable.  Air conditioning, heating and a comfortable ergonomic seat are hard to beat.  An internal combustion engine is fast and powerful. 

I live in a bowl that requires an ascent no matter which direction I travel.  That geographical challenge is nothing for my Bubba.  Bubba is my pick-up truck.

He gobbles up challenging terrain for breakfast.  Whether it is a hill, rough terrain or snow, Bubba is equipped and experienced to pass over, through or around obstacles.  It is amazing what he has left in his rearview mirror.

But, taking my bike to work will be fun.  Often my duties take me to different parts of town during the day.  That means an enclsed fossil burning vehicle makes much more sense.

When I checked my calendar “Bike Day” was free from extended appointments.  Perfect!  Most likely I’ll be able to participate. 

Next, I called up the weather forecast website.  The weather looked clear.  No precipitation is great for open riding.

The night before I checked out my double-wheeler.  Everything looked in good shape.  There was even time to do a little polishing.

On the morning of my “Ride Your Bike to Work Day” I put on my riding clothes.  Of course I reduced my normal carry-on rucksack.  Then, I climbed aboard my motorcycle, fired up my 1600cc engine, rolled on the throttled and rumbled to work on my cycle!

photo credit: google image