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My alarm beeped incessantly at 5:10AM.  For a moment I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing up so early.  Slowly as my  body warmed up the late summer day, I remembered that was going fishing.

My ride was on time. At 6AM sharp he rolled up and we threw my gear into his rig.  The morning sky was just starting to gather some light. 

I don’t ever recall seeing a sunrise that was disappointing.  When the night is chased away by the dawning of a new day, there is something that is always invigorating about that moment.  God created a very good thing when He designed the beginning of a new day.

Miles rolled underneath our tires.  We had great conversation especially when we talked over the day that we were anticipating on the waters of the Pacific Ocean.  Fishermen have an unending optimism about every new adventure.

Our buddies showed up on time.  We all boarded the boat.  The Captain and his deckhand introduced themselves. 

The massive diesel engines fired up.  All of the lines were cast off.  Each of us heard the Captain call out, “Let’s go fishing!”

Into the mighty Pacific Ocean we cruised.  It wasn’t long before the word came to us all as the boat engines slowed down, “Drop you lines.  Let’s catch some fish.”  That instruction did not need to be repeated.

For half of a day we pulled in a variety of rockfish.  Some caught Black Rockfish.  Others drug in Vermillion.  There were Blues, Browns and Grass Rockfish mixed in the day’s catch. 

I was thrilled to feel the pull of a real fighter.  My pole bent over and the line was taut.  Even against the ocean current and pull of the diesel engines this fish was giving me a battle.

Once I saw “color” the crew get excited.  Word went out, “Ling!”  It was a nice sized Ling Cod.  Yum!

That mighty fighter was landed.  But, I held my breath.  The Captain took the fish to get it measured. 

Ling Cod have to be 27 inches or longer in order to a legal catch.  After years of fishing this was my first Ling that I ever caught.  But, the bad news came. 

My first Ling Cod was one inch too short!  Back into the ocean it went.  As it swam away, I just dropped my line into the salty seas and kept on fishing.