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IMG_4725My splendid I-pad was serving me well.  It comfortably perched on its keyboard with Blue Tooth connectivity humming like a top.  My aching back, weary brain and fatigued fingers were all pushing for an immediate break.

That suggestion sounded wonderful to me.  Flopping back on the sofa and reaching for the TV remote seemed to rejuvenate my spirit.  A weekend football game would be just the right elixir for a weary body nearing the completion of several writing projects.

A good game popped up on the screen.  The score was close so the game looked competitive.  My interest was sealed.

Then, I made a critical error in judgment.  My I-pad was still set up for work.  It was on a TV tray.

The thought popped into my mind that I did not want to accidentally kick it should an exciting moment occur on the gridiron.  My plan was to push the TV tray out of harm’s way.  Instead of sitting up and moving the tray carefully with my hands, I thought that I could deftly achieve that objective by pushing the it with my foot.

Slowly, carefully I pushed.  Our floor is tile.  One of the legs got stuck in one of the grout joints between tiles.

The TV tray came to an abrupt halt while my foot kept pushing.  Physics took over, especially the law of gravity.  My I-pad took a tumble.

Life went into slow motion.  Nothing I could do was fast enough to catch my falling technology gem.  It flipped several times in the air and smashed face first flat on the rock hard tile.

There was a smashing sound from the slap on the tile simultaneously accompanied with the ugly sound of shattering glass.  Before I ever saw the damage, I shook my head.  Carefully, I picked up my treasured tool of the modern world of technology.

Like rolling over a human body involved in a horrendous accident, I slowly turned my I-pad over to see its face.  Eew!  Lightening might look like this when splattering across the night sky.  Or a root system of a massive tree would look just like this jagged pattern of cracks, breaks and splinters.

Sinking into the sofa with the I-pad in my hands, I felt so sad.  It was a dumb move on my part.  Now, the consequences were self-evident.

Life is like that.  Stuff gets broken.  No one lives a flawless, mistake free life.  Thank God that He is merciful when foul up like this.

photo credit: brucefong photography