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IMG_5688This month we honored the “mothers” in our life.  That is a special calling.  They experienced so much pain and trouble over the years of practicing motherhood.  Yet, they covered it up with the joy of pouring into our lives.

Now, on this special day of our year, we treat them with celebration and delight.  Flowers, candy, presents, service, spoken words, time for a phone call, treating them to a special meal and an endless number of ways to bring her honor.

Our children are all far away, thousands of miles away. They would all contact her with excellent expressions of gratitude.  But, she would miss them all.

The planning of a special day was up to me.  My smile and my mind were in synchronized harmony.  There were no surprises, just delightful fun.

It all began with making her breakfast.  The menu was not fancy but it was special.  We enjoyed the delectable meal and of course, I did the dishes.

She had some free time.  Then, I took her to a movie.  The film was an action adventure with a special twist to honor a late actor who passed away during the filming.

We talked about it on the way home.  Both of us remarked about how well done the honor factor made the film special.  As people of faith we connected immediately to this actor’s reputation of faith as well.

The special day came to a close in church.  We love our church and pastor.  The worship was encouraging and the sermon was very up-lifting.

She elected to make dinner.  It was her standard offering: fantastic, delicious and filling. This woman has done a brilliant job with all of her chosen duties to family.

We who have been blessed by her service and love.  Looking back and recounting her contribution into all of our lives seems endless.  Our children especially have rehearsed her mothering now that they are adults.

Instead of looking for ways around her watchful eyes, they now see the values that she was pouring into them.  Now, their values that they have chosen to live by have many roots in what their mother had taught them.  They are amazed, pleased and also grateful for what mom invested in them.

On this day, Happy Mother’s Day, Yvonne.  You have done a faithful job of rearing our three little ones into taking their place as outstanding adults. Well done!

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Mothers, if it were not for them, none of us would be here.  To be quite frank, we would not be nearly as far along if it were not for them either.  They cajoled  disciplined and terrified us into knowing what was right and what was wrong.

It was no many of us who did not decide that what was right was what Mom wanted us to do.  Furthermore, we also knew perhaps even stronger than the first was that wrong was whatever Mom did NOT want us to do.  Of course it did not make any philosophical sense at the time, but it sure made sense in the seat of our deepest understanding.

By in large Mom was right.  Now that I am older and older still, I find that those values that were instilled in me so long ago are still very much a part of what I am doing now and how I am living now.

Mom taught me in no uncertain terms to never be ashamed of my ethnic heritage but to be proud of it.  When I had a chance to identify with it I should.  She led the way by example.

If she were ever confronted by a threat to her ethnic identity, that threat was rebuffed in no uncertain terms.  I felt sorry for those that drew the ire of Mom because of a snide comment, openly racist slur or a devilish sneer.

On the positive side my identity in my ethnic heritage was paraded among festive holidays, community events and even the presence of art and literature in our home.  She signed me up for a community drum and bugle corps experience that our whole family embraced.

Ethnic food was more than just doing what was familiar.  It was a wonderful and prefered option for all of us.  She was a masterful cook of Chinese cuisine.  Her skills gave to all of us a standard to measure the best in Cantonese food.

Mom of course was our perpetual chauffeur.  She drove us from one event to the next.  She was also my primary typist for papers in High School.  It became her reason to send me to typing school just to get a respite from the pounding keys.

I was a late bloomer.  She never had much to celebrate in my early years.  But, in college and graduate school, she had a reason to smile.  Mom being there made those special events very special.  Thanks MOM!

The anatomy of a mom is too intricate a study for scientists. Besides, the empirical method cannot reproduce what moms are capable of doing. This analysis might fit better into the study of the paranormal.

If this seems too weird of spacey, then we are stuck. Moms do way too much that would ever be considered normal. Perhaps if we are unsettled with the weird world of science fiction, we may just have to be content with the world of superheroes and leave any qualifications to the world of our imagination.

Superwoman, Wonderwoman or Batwoman could all vie for top female superhero spots. But, we would have to be fair and include “Mom” in that competition. Of course, the first three might bow out gracefully than to be overwhelmingly outvoted with the late addition that is fueled by the power of the maternal.

How can a normal human began her entrance into the world of motherhood with any reasonable consideration of what labor pains are all about? I witnessed that agonizing experience three times. My only contribution was to offer ice chips at regular intervals.

Then, the indignities that come with the birthing process. Who wants to be publicly exposed to total strangers after following social mores of modesty for our entire life. There has to be many smashed video cameras in Obstetrics.

OK, there is the immediate change when the whimpering cries of a newborn find solace in the arms of the only one who can give comfort to that baby. Mom begins as naturally after great hardship and leads to amazing joy. Night truly turns to day because of what Mom is all about.

Then, there are long nights, too early mornings, wiping away tears, transportation duties, cheering duties, cooking duties, mending chores, washing, drying, listening and endless hugs. Moms fix things that cannot be seen by the eyes of others. She can see with x-ray vision what and where the hurts are.

No one stops to count up her hours or wonder why she never gets paid let alone receive double-time for overtime. When there is a threat to her offspring, this gentle, loving and caring Mom turns into a she-bear that will growl at bullies, set careless critics straight, snarl at thoughtless comments or champion the exception when regulations or rules unfairly single out her cubs.

Moms, you are special. You are a gift from God. We salute you.  We love you!

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