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There are very few reality shows on television that capture my interest.  Marketing strategies that advertise new attempts grab my interest but more often than not I have turned the pilot show off before the first episode is even half-way completed.  Expectations form in my mind and if those are disappointed or if I feel that I was sucked into a bait-and-switch entertainment, then I am easily motivated to for the OFF switch.

Over the years of the show American Idol I have been entertained.  Both with hysterical laughing, deeply moved tugging of my heart and marvelling at the singing talent that many people enjoy.  Of course the drama behind the judges desk is half of the entertainment.

With the major shift of personalities who critique the singers, I wasn’t sure that I would be interested any more.  This 2011 season wasn’t even on my radar.  My schedule is busy enough that I plan very very few TV watching moments in my life.  But, happen-chance put me in front of the TV during a writing project.

Randy was his usual insightful skilled observer.  Steve was very humorous and right on the money when it came to spotting talent.  But, Jennifer was amazing. 

Lopez clearly displays her musicianship, performance expertise and depth of humanity.  Truly she was torn when it came to rejecting hopeful stars.  Saying “No” even when it is obvious is never easy for people who know life.

Rejection hurts people.  All who have the responsibility to assess the talent or lack there of in the lives of others must respect the life that tries.  Those who do this best couch their language care while telling the truth.

Tens of thousands hear the truth on AI.  A precious few standout among the millions who enjoy music to give us more of the music that stirs our lives.  This show finds is one mechanism that gives all of us those few.

The judges helped discover Paris, mother of a special needs child.  Yes, she obviously has talent.  We all heard it.

What is stunning is the story of her life.  Some whine that the stories distract from the focus of discovering talent.  But, no singer rises to the level of what music is at its essential without their lives, their heart and their soul expressing itself through the composition in song.  Go AI, I’m enjoying the new season!

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