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Early on Tuesday morning there was a gathering in San Francisco.  It wasn’t a “normal” gathering for this city.  People around the world would have raised eyebrows if they were told.

This was not a secret meeting.  It was advertised on the world-wide web.  Those who came freely told others about the event and invited others to attend.

Some of our city’s notable names were there.  I don’t know any of them but I was told that they were there.  My circles are a lot different from these.

This was not a political caucus.  Nor was it an off-beat agenda expose.  Rather it was a city prayer meeting.

Yes, you read that correctly.  It was a public gathering for prayer in the city of San Francisco.  Stunning, eh?

I only knew a handful of people at the start.  My guests showed up and our fellowship was just great.  But the real treat was the networking that happened during the gathering.

First, I introduced one of my guests to a key leader.  They sat together for the breakfast and talked up a storm.  There was an instant connection.

Next, I introduced another one of my guests to a successful business executive.  I like both of these men.  After a few short minutes they were liking each other too.

On our table a stranger smiled and seated himself.  We introduced ourselves and struck up a great conversation.  I just heard from him by email so I connected him with the CEO of another operation that will make a great link.

A new friend came up to greet me.  We heartily shook hands and then a company president came into view.  An introduction between those two was a natural.

There was a smile that caught my eye.  We had never met until that moment but were headed in different directions in the room.  Naturally, without any coercion we both paused and easily introduced ourselves to each other. 

That meeting was important.  He was looking for work.  Once his profession was clear in my mind, I saw a friend in his field out of the corner of my eye. 

“Do you know him?” I inquired gently?  “No, I’ve never met him,” came the reply.  “Wait here.  You’ve got to meet him,” I assured my new acquaintance.

My buddy came over.  These two connected.  There are no coincidences.  God divinely orders our meetings and it is so pleasing to be used by Him.

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