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We exchanged emails.  Our schedules in our active travels were going to cross in California.  We first started our friendship in San Francisco and that’s where our paths would cross again during the Thanksgiving season.

He and she would be travelling in from New York.  It’s an adventure for them in their new life in the Big Apple.  I was eager to hear about their new discoveries.

She would be coming in from Hong Kong.  That bustling city is still on my “must visit” list.  I hear so many intriguing stories of that ancient Asian destination that I have got to go and bring my camera with me.

Providentially, we all had a free lunch and exclaimed with glee.  Of course we saw each other at worship on the Lord’s Day.  There we had our hugs and reunion, albeit briefly.  We knew that we would catch up the next day.

Our destination was downtown.  In the congested streets of San Francisco, my bride and I jumped off the interstate after negotiating the Bay Bridge traffic and then fighting the downtown traffic in the city.  There were as many people, bicyclists, motor scooters, buses and taxis to dodge than “regular” cars.

Tight quarters, massive construction, emergency vehicles, double-parked vehicles and delivery trucks filled the streets and impeded progress.  Aggressive moves by drivers cutting in front of me, crowing intersections after the light turned red and stopping to let out passengers all add up to anxieties that  only a big city can create.  But, hanging out with friends who live thousands of miles away is worth the effort.

We were surrounded by the posh decorations of well designed building.  Water features, exotic flowers, polished metal trim and aromas of eateries getting ready for  the lunch crowd filled the air.  Then, our friend showed up and smiles washed away all distractions.

Together we had an endless conversation about our new life adventures in new cities.  It was fascinating, nearly enough information for a channel travel station to do an entire episode.  The hunger to travel was ignited again.

We exchanged invitations to visit our respective cities.  They were real expressions of hopeful reunions again where life and friendship could be renewed.  We laughed, we learned and we deepened a devotion that friendship affords.

Yes, we are Facebook friends.  We will keep in touch via the world-wide web when miles can’t draw us any closer.  Oh, yeah, we ate some good food while we visited too.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography