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Joshua 15-17
Part 1 of 6

For over 20 years I was part of the Portland Trailblazer NBA Rip City “fanmania”. It was the only professional sports franchise in the city. That alone qualified all the citizens of our city to concentrate their passion for sports on this collection of giant athletes.

1984 was smack in the middle of those cheerleading years. All of us learned about the lingering effects of yesteryear’s decisions. Decades after those choices were made Blazer fans cringe when they hear that year mentioned.

First, after the Bill Walton years, the Blazers believed that they needed a dominant center to repeat as NBA champions. In that 84 draft they tried to persuade Patrick Ewing to leave Georgetown early so that the Blazers could select him. That is a league violation that precipitated a $250,000 fine. Groan!

Second, a coin flip would determine which team chose first; either the Houston Rockets or the Blazers. The Blazers decided to call “tails” but the coin landed on heads. Consequently, the Rockets chose Hakeem Olajuwon who became a nemesis to the Blazers during his whole career. Another “groan”!

Third, the Blazers stuck to their priority of drafting a center. When they chose second they picked Sam Bowie. The Chicago Bulls chose next with the 3rd overall pick selecting Michael Jordan. That may have been the biggest groan heard around the world.

Make your choices today with care. They have an affect that lingers into the future. Discernment in our spiritual lives is very much a part of that lasting impact of today’s choices.

More later…