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Disney World 2014 078Disney World is a special treat in and of itself.  We dreamed of visiting this theme park for years.  The savings started years ago to make our dream a reality.

Finally, we booked the tickets, set aside the vacation days and anticipated the vacation.  I emailed our travel agent countless times building this dream trip for our simple lives.  Planning the trip was a big part of the excitement.

In that planning stage I was introduced to the the Disney website.  One of the features on the site was ordering a welcome gift that would be delivered to your room.  It would be my secret for my bride.

Scrolling through the options was like most online options.  You could buy a gold plated Rolls Royce with a Mickey Mouse hood ornament or a candy bar with a Donald Duck sticker on it.  The range was limitless.

Winnie the Pooh caught my eye.   It was in the price range that I could afford but more importantly, my bride likes these cute little characters.  Furthermore, the gift came with a number of balloons and we could deflate them when it was time to board our airplane home.

The agent on the telephone was so friendly.  She was careful to get all of the details and rehearsed the delivery date and location.  I was looking forward to the surprise when it welcomed my bride to our dream vacation.

When we walked into our room after a night out with great friends, the welcome gift was sitting on the side table.  All of the balloons were inflated and dancing in the air conditioning breeze.  Pooh topped the piece with his indomitable smile and cheery eyes.

On another helium floater, Pooh is hugging little Piglet.  The first balloon was terrific.  Both Tigger and Pooh are trying to squeeze some joy into Eeyore.  It is a lost cause but their efforts are part of the cheer.

My bride not only liked it, she loved it!  She sat for posed pictures with this special addition to our journey.  Through the night and several days after she smiled at the pictures of her bouquet and thanked me long after the first presentation.

Simple gifts filled with color and unexpected but attached to inner delights sure make great memories.   I had the job of deflating the balloons on our last day in Orlando.  Once flattened my bride took over to fold each balloon neatly into a package for transport home and into our world of nostalgia for years of reliving.

photo credit: brucefong photography


IMG_2025My attention was arrested with the commotion adjacent to the library.  On the front lawn of the seminary workers were finishing the final touches of connecting the temporary corral.  It was a small enclosure with a lot of interested people watching the progress.

The trailer parked on the street said it all.  It was covered with pictures and paintings of the travelling petting zoo.  I was drawn over like a magnet had it grips on my soul.  Animals attract us humans especially when the little critters are cute.

By cute I mean soft and cuddly.  There are corresponding very cute sounds as well.  Calves moo quietly.  Horses whiny.  Piglets oink.  Lambs bleat.  Goats sound very close to sheep.

IMG_2029The burro was especially captivating.  He was a fluff ball ready to be petted.  In his enclosure he was happy to munch away on his pile of hay.

His head was a mass of fur.  His eyes were dark brown and showed total relaxation.  He seemed to welcome the many little humans coming up to pet him, pat his head and talk special children language with them.

His pony pal was in the same corral.  They shared the food for the day.  Colors, shiny coats and gentle faces made the children squeal with delight.

Cautious parents watched over their brood carefully.  They prompted hesitant children to reach out and touch the animals.  They often set the example.

The corral master was funny, “Welcome, one and all!  Children, touch and pet our extra friendly animals.  Be careful not to pick up anything on the ground.  Those are not chocolate candy pieces.”

IMG_2033Over to my right was a black bunny.  Even though people and animals towered over him, he seemed totally relaxed.  He was stretched out on the lawn taking in the massive stimuli around him.  His nose was wiggling at a rapid pace, but you could see the peace in his eyes.

The only stressed animal in the pen was the piglet. For some reason the children all wanted to pet him.  Parents tried to restrain the little porker to make it easier for the children to touch him.  But, he was squealing for freedom.  His only objective was to get to the food trough.  Once there he was content to feed away and the children could pet away.  It was an opportunity to have a symbiotic moment of food and feelings all at the same time.

These animals were a delight.  Well cared for and expertly groomed they created a lot of smiles.  They were all so cute!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography