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Criticism is a reality for those who dare to step up into leadership.  Accusations fly from the opposition camp.  The objective seems to be to discredit people who once held positions soon-to-be-vacant and seed the atmosphere with doubt over the next human to fill that gap.

This is true in our political season.  There is precious little that is commendable when it comes to the ugly strategy of character assassination among the political pundits.  The self-righteous judgmental disposition of those eager to influence the favored and disfavored is piled high ad nauseum and quite frankly wearies the soul of good people.

As accusations fly, innuendo multiplies and mud slings wildly, I imagine the hurt that falls on the souls of the innocent.  The spouses, children, friends and honorable bystanders become victims of the vicious and dirty-minded.  It is ugly.

The nature of an accuser is a filthy examination.  Why do people find it necessary to throw dirt?  What’s eating at their lives that drive them to hurt others?

When I was growing up, it was a bad thing to tattle on someone else.  But, back then the shady character of the nosey and those flinging criticism about someone else was established.  Today, the one who points the finger gets a pass or at least the benefit of the doubt that they are telling the truth.

I have looked into the shifting eyes of accusers.  They are obsessed to justify their subtle violence.  Most of the time they even attempt to fortify their dastardly deeds by playing the victim.

Then, I look into the eyes of the accused.  There is hurt, helplessness and bewildered.  Reason, logic and truth are elusive when the emotional drive of the accusers reveal their singular desire to inflict doubt, cause suspicion and raise questions.

Critics are not complicated.  They are simply base beasts.  The only truth represented in their lives is exaggeration.

Admittedly, they have a grip on some truth.  But, it is not worth the damage that they often cause.  It is called “piling on”.

Before long the truth is replaced by suspicion.  The shocking allegations are a downer.  Accusers don’t accomplish much with their lives that rival the pain that they impose on others. 

Why people get off on being a negative influence as their greatest contribution to life is a mystery.  The good thing is that true integrity is not the same as reputation.  Politics, it is so frustrating!

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The state of my birth, California, has fallen on very bad times.  No one in my home state are ignorant of the troubles that are surrounding us.  Most are just hoping for a turn-around.

Economic hits are all over the sunshine state.  Businesses have been steadily moving out to friendlier parts of our great nation.  With the loss of business is the loss of countless jobs.

When the jobs leave so does the talent.  Both experience and potential follow the jobs.  When the jobs leave along with the bright people who do those jobs, there is a steady drop in the revenue that runs the state.

Illegal immigration plays into the Golden State travail.  Many lives make it to the “Golden Mountain” with hopes of finding a better life.  Their numbers strain the public system, vie for political loyalties and divide reasonable people desperate for a solution both for freedom and sensibility.

All of these stresses fuel the crime problem.  While Silicon Valley keeps pumping out some amazing productivity and creativity the Central Valley leads the nation in vehicle grand larceny, home foreclosure and gang-related juvenile offenses.  Both extremes are here in the state of California.

Government agencies are running out of money to throw at the problem.  Law enforcement officers are doing double and triple watches as their numbers are dwindled by shrinking political revenue.  Pundits for political, special interests and social agencies are crying gloom and doom.

But, quietly, systematically and miraculously there are pockets of light in the darkness.  Men who have convictions firmly rooted in the truth beyond this earth are making a difference.  They gather openly and without fanfare to cheer each other on. 

These men form a remnant of sorts.  They still believe.  Men of like commitment and generosity live beyond their own comfort and channel their success to impact the cities that they call home.  Instead of blaming others they take responsibility themselves. 

I have met many of these men.  Together they gather with fresh ideas.  Creatively they take a bite that is reasonable for their time, energy and resources. 

By example they touch the lives of people at risk.  One by one they turn lives that are on the wrong path and they show them how to live significant lives.  Instead of chasing limited appetites or fallacious dreams, they set them on course to find true satisfaction.  Together they are doing something good and their prayers are being answered.

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