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Architecture does something to set the mood.  The way a building is put together shows the human spirit where to turn, how to feel and maybe even what to do next.  Ancients knew how to bring together the soul’s longing to sense the presence of God and the building that brought people together for corporate worship.

Here in Houston there is a special place to experience this.  It is out at the Lanier Theological Library.  Along with the amazing collection and remarkable building where it is housed, a chapel has been built.  It is a reproduction of a Byzantine Chapel.

It was a wonderful reminder to me of days gone-by in the hills of Scotland.  There we had visited many castles, stately homes and of course amazing church buildings.  The acoustics alone brought your spirit into a moment of repose and quietness.

The skillful construction made you feel small, lowly in the presence of something much bigger than you.  God’s greatness and power are sustained in the mood of such a structure.  My eyes quickly lifted up and took in the grandeur of the painted domed ceiling.

Artwork blended with architecture was a masterpiece.  It is a testimony to man’s creative hand.  When I spoke softly, my words reverberated throughout the chamber.

I almost felt apologetic of speaking out of turn.  An ambiance of worship, respect and awe were easily felt here.  Once in a while it is good to be quiet before the LORD.

This is not the only kind of worship that there is.  Lively, spontaneous and energetic fits for so many of us.  But, there are times to listen for what can be heard in quietness that has great value too.

Take a moment.  In your loud, busy and cacaphony of life, shut the volume and listen.  God does speak through the thunder but also through the still small voice.

We can try changing our location.  Find a place that shuts out the noise and hear what God says.  It might be the same message but in its varied approach, it could be reenforced to find a more permanent place for our spirit.

Bless you in your quiet moments of your very full lives.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography