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The good book tells Christians that we are to offer hospitality without grumbling.  It’s a very short verse in 1 Peter 4, so it’s easy to miss it.  Some of us would rather miss it.

Giving yourself for the benefit of someone else is not natural.  Most of us are wired to give in order to get.  But, that’s is NOT the way God wants His own to live.

In fact the word “hospitality” has the interesting meaning of “love of strangers.”  This etymology comes from the historic flight of Christians fleeing persecution due to their faith.  Homeless and on a long journey to distant parts, they needed a respite along the way. 

This blog is built around this very concept.  You are on a spiritual journey.  My words are hopefully a respite for you along the road, like a refreshing cup of water with a comfortable chair to rest along with some fellowship.

Now, I am the beneficiary of this amazing ministry of hospitality to me.  The Wilsons are my hosts.  Gil, Ron and Roxanne are treating me like family. 

They picked me up at the airport.  Our week’s activities called for some stops in town before arriving at home.  They whisked me around but with the obvious disposition of having a great time themselves, never even letting off a hint that they were put out.

Food was a highlight.  Breakfast was light years ahead of a European Continental abbreviation for food.  It was, burritos, Bulgarian feta choice blended with prime cuts enhanced with ranch potatoes.

Lunch was custom wraps.  Smoked turkey, lettuce, spreads, mustard with the necessary condiments or home-made pizza that would make you vow never to call out for a pie again.  Snacks forever were laid out on the counter for grazing that men do on a guys week out.

Dinner would qualify for any 4 star YELP review.  Everything was tasty, well presented and balanced.  They did something to average things like cole slaw, beans and bread that deserved a “Wow!” after the first and last bites.”

Entertainment through the week was stunning.  You felt like you were on a cruise with the crew waiting on us hand and foot.  But, mostly it was their attitude. 

The Wilsons love to serve others for the sheer pleasure of bringing joy into the live of others.  That’s hospitality godly style.  Thank you amazing Wilson family!

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