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Joshua 15-17
Part 2 of 6

During one of my forays into making money as a single guy, I was putting up sheet rock. The skilled craftsman that I was assisting taught me a valuable lesson. He pointed out that the job of dry walling is made so much easier when the rough carpenter before us built walls that were square.

In my history readings the Colt Firearms Company designed the amazing M-16 weapon that was introduced during the Viet Nam War. Quickly it was criticized for jamming during battle. The company soon learned that training was necessary for the soldiers carrying the weapon so that they knew how to clean the gun. Once the soldiers were taught how to clean the rifle it lived up to the hype of being the modern dependable weapon that it was.

These two lessons converge on the same theme. Make good choices now for the lingering affects later. Those affects not only impact our lives but the lives of many who follow.

In the spiritual realm the same truth applies. Our choices today as they relate to our walk with Christ will have severe implications on our tomorrow. Decisions on morality between a young couple, choosing to be honest in testing, consciously selecting which friends to influence our lives, acting on conscience not to steal or meddle in the privacy of others sets the course for our tomorrows.

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