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My Friday was a full day.  Every hour was packed with studying, meetings, people, emails, text messages, writing deadlines, standing meetings, impromptu meetings, one on one clarifications, et cetera.  By the time my smart phone dinged for the next session, I was pooped.

When I arrived at home Yvonne and I sat together to enjoy a decompress hour.  Then, it was time to head back to church for another meeting.  But, this meeting included dinner.

We were scheduled to join the session of one of our twenty-three small groups.  Both of us were looking forward to connecting with more of our people during a personal and intimate venue.

Once at church we made our way to the designated room.  The food arrived and the aroma made our heads turn.  Soon collective grace was offered and we all wandered into the kitchen to load up our plates for a great meal.  Tomato beef chow mein, baby bok choy and fish fillet with corn sauce were as Rachel Ray says, “Delish!”

The meal served as a facilitation.  Busy families don’t have time to add a meeting at church.  But, when it is a gathering around a meal that is catered, it makes busy lives enjoy the evening.

Little children accompanied moms and dads.  Their laughter and squeals were delightful. Friendships were special for the children who suddenly blended into one mass of rambunctious humanity.  Their tastes for the meal was imperceptible but their joyful delight made the evening.

Soon, they was escorted next door for an evening of babysitting.  The adults gathered.  Together we talked, laughed, explained and prayed.  It was parent time, time to grow together, grow deeper with each other and to learn more about each of the amazingly varied lives that we live.

We talked politics, child rearing, history, life preferences, et cetera.  It was fun, informative and helped us get to know each other better.  Christ had His common impact on our lives was the focus on our conversation.

The evening wasn’t over.  A wonderful climax was about to ensue.  Enoch was whisked into our room by his parents.  Closely in tow were all of the other children.  Today he was turning two

We had a birthday party! Cake and ice cream was the center of our evening dessert.  This is real life, when friendships start, deepen and last for years.

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